You Overcome Great Challenges By Fighting Boldly

Great challenges are overcome by fighting boldly

Is there an obstacle or handicap in your life that you are eager to get rid of? Then fight with all your might, and begin to break free from the hold of your own apparent limitations. Difficulties can only be resolved with a combination of effort and pleasure in the growth process itself. Athletes have traditionally referred to two types of pain: the stinging or nagging sensations they feel during an acute or chronic injury, and the physiological suffering associated with and necessary for top-level sport to deliver great performance. For them, renunciation is an integral part of the pleasure that follows, of being in the flow , and in the zone .

However, we don’t want to fool anyone with this article. Because fulfilling our deepest dreams is by no means easy – quite the contrary. In fact, for every person who realizes his or her ambition, a dozen or so others – with the same aspirations – drop out prematurely. No matter how hard they try to shake themselves free of their inherent stumbling blocks, they still – over and over – still get a smack. The existential excursion to our highest peak has many pitfalls, and most people eventually become quite despondent and slowly slip into apathy.

In the following paragraphs, I’m going to introduce some ideas that will help you recognize and recognize your main goals and intentions in life; and how – day in, day out – you can work towards daring to express your future ideals inwardly, as well as towards actually realizing them. You have the opportunity, and also the right, to aim with ‘man and might’, to the last gram of perseverance at your disposal, to reach your destination.

Set clear goals for yourself

Although I can of course advise you to commit yourself completely – without reservation – you should not forget to first ask about the underlying and underlying ‘why’. Do you agree with me on that? No one wants to go blind, with blinders on, or walking around randomly. Without direction, and landmark, we are lost in advance. Therefore, before everything else, we must internally discover, realize, and proactively determine what exactly is our primary desire, and our most intimate, most cherished hope.


The awareness – the search for your meaning – is certainly not the easiest task, nor the phase that will be completed the fastest. Remember how many years have already passed, your dreams only sometimes awakening at night, and lying in slumber during the day, pushed on and into the background. Postponement comes with cancellation, unfortunately. Apologies are their own endless justification. Standard phrases soothe the conscience: ‘That’s for later…if…..or better yet, when…’ – ad nauseam .

During this vision-crystallizing process, a lot of people are already overwhelmed, throwing in the towel before the bell for the first round has even sounded. It’s as if they have a well-filled plate of food on their lap, and they don’t know what to do with it that they only try to swallow it in one bite. If you’ve spent time, thought, and energy preparing your dinner, it’s a shame to gobble it up like that. To an outsider, that even seems incomprehensible. Also on your path, from the foot of the hill to the top – now still invisible above the cloud cover – the following applies: take it step by step (keep it manageable ), maybe an occasional jump , but no sprint, no rush.

Formulate an action plan

Again, there’s nothing wrong with the advice to commit yourself wholeheartedly, but where, and which way? Once you have established what your intention, what your personal North Star  is, then it is time to develop the optimal travel route. On this map or life map of your projected existence, you already mark milestones, and design an evolutionary legend: where, when and who you might ask for support, what rewards and motivational incentives you give yourself, along the way – and so on.

At this anticipatory stage, reflexive honesty is required. Set realistic, achievable goals for yourself. Don’t put the cart before the horse, but at the same time don’t be too modest. Strive for the perfect balance between the two poles, that is, find the perfect point for your development (or better: the comma, or ‘ ‘) where you will neither be paralyzed nor bored. Because both A and Z are frustrating – go for the whole alphabet in between.

Above all, remind yourself to draw up a sensible and practical action plan. Better one bird in the hand than ten in the air, right? It is very tempting to forget this, and lose yourself in a hundred and one wonderful, literally fantastic performances. Keep both feet firmly on the ground, and soberly assess what is the most pragmatic thing to do right now, what initiative you can take at this moment.

The Execution – Putting Deed to Word

With your psychological navigation system in hand, and your gaze focused on your personal-progressive horizon, you go on an adventure. Make use of your inner compass (your intuition), and of all the necessary mechanisms to stay on the right course.

Welcome all omens, and their spontaneous symbolic meanings. Also accept the contradiction and resistance that you will undoubtedly encounter, just like your toe that damned stone. Even if you are lost for a moment, you feel like you are in the wild wilderness, keep believing in yourself, and protect that basic trust. Never forget that you are an ingenious individual, with talent, a sound disposition, and the will to succeed.


However, even in this implementation phase, a large group of people will give up. Our transformed attitudes will not be understood or appreciated without exception, and rising social pressures can deter even the most capable minds. Unfortunately, we live in an imperfect and limited world, in which not everyone is equally prepared to take a beating. To make your dream come true, you sometimes have to dare to swim against the current, and brace yourself motionless in the eye of the storm. Education and society seldom offer the tools and structures of their own accord to be of (effective) service to us; that is a tragic and recurring deficiency.

Fight to your last breath

This motto is perhaps the crux of this whole story. Dedicate yourself, wholeheartedly, to make your dreams come true. Don’t let anything or anyone discourage you. Invest in renewable energy sources: perseverance, enthusiasm, focus, and work ethic.

Look back with pride on the challenges you have overcome. They are proof of your guts and your zest, they testify to the fact that you have successfully coped with confrontational situations, that you have not let yourself be stopped by unexpectedly looming nooses. You may have fallen, but you always got up and carried on.


Celebrities who have fought like lions for their dreams

Around us – or else in the media – we find countless examples of people who one day really, and consistently, started to believe in themselves, and in doing so managed to make their dreams come true. They were almost tireless, persevered – no matter what happened – and interpreted apparent setbacks from the perspective of positivity and optimism: an opportunity to grow, as a person, as a professional, as a company culture.

The names that have gained worldwide fame, for this reason, include: Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple; Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft; Warren Buffet, the textbook example for every ambitious investor; and Jeff Bezos, the man behind Amazon.

The icons just quoted – who have committed themselves 100 percent from a fairly young age to achieving their goals – remain of course blessed. In the sense of: there are no guarantees. Each unique and exceptional success story rises from a sea of ​​shattered dreams. That may sound harsh, but it is the reality. Fortunately, it is in human nature to keep trying heroically, despite the shadow of potential failure that haunts us to the very end. Therein lies our brilliance and magnificence, that – like Sisyphos, in Greek mythology – we never give up, and nobly persevere in our quest.

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