You Know Me Well But I Won’t Reveal Myself Until The End

You know me well, very well. I’m there for you. And I only have one chance to win you back. But I won’t reveal my true identity until the end. Tell me honestly. When was the last time you looked at the stars? What does the LED light on your phone have that the pinpricks of light that pierce the sky don’t?

All I’m trying to do is somehow get closer to you. Because you already have some experience with life. You know the tricks to move with your smartphone in this society full of scarecrows. But you are the person who loses his ability to surprise himself. That’s why I write to you. Deep down you know who I am because you know me well.

You know me well and I want you to listen to me very carefully

You now think you have the only truth about life. It’s your truth and a false sense that covers your eyes like sunglasses. But now you can listen to me. But…why would you want to listen to me? You have already traveled halfway around the world. Moreover, you can defend yourself in several languages. Yet you are never as good at it as you would like.

You may have  already read Rayuela: A Hopscotch  and  A Conspiracy of Idiots. In addition, you may also have read One Hundred Years of Solitude and watched hundreds of the best classic movies. You had seen it on a list of a guy who claimed he’d seen even more movies than you. His opinions were also so sophisticated that they might as well be universal. Who am I to say anything to you? You’ve been in love, earned your master’s degrees, and jumped into the unknown.

you know me well

So many times have you been out of breath. .. Your feet have run so fast along the scorching sands of an infinite number of beaches. You still have those shoes you wore when you danced at the best music festivals in your country. They are those shoes that were first white and then black at the last run of the bulls. You have collected scars that you proudly show to your friends. It is those signs that show your sins that you dare to confess. They can also come in handy if you ever need to prove how brave you are.

Even then I have the nerve to write to you. I dare say things to your face because you know me well. I am you after all. That’s right. Where you feel hurt, so am I. These are my scars too. Like the person you once were, the child who burns inside you, I am caught in a tangle of flesh and blood, but also of fears and illusions. But I’ve been blocked by some ancestor who was drunk with power.

I want you to get excited about things again

What I mean is I want you to look at the stars at night. I wish things are just things and people are only as important to you as they deserve to be. I need you to get excited about the little things again. Jump in the puddles and be scared of the pigeons just like when you were the kid in the park. Because that’s what I need. I don’t want you to run out of the rain but let yourself get wet without fear.

You know me

Live today because tomorrow it may be too late. Set aside time for yourself. Share it with the people who deserve it, the people who make you feel warm and not a bad influence. Because that’s what life is all about, sharing. Live it on your own or with other people but be true to your feelings. Don’t let yourself down. Be consistent.

I’ll let you go now. But first I want to tell you that I love you. Who loves you more than me? No one. Just think how long I’ve been with you. Out of a sense of affection, I sincerely want you to start with something simple. It could be a fight with water balloons, challenging gravity on your skateboard or spending some time doing nothing and thinking about nothing but kicking some balls… give that kid in you a chance.

The world is full of people who have not met your expectations. But there are also other people who will never let you down… and the first group will never set a good example for the second.

I dedicate this song to you. Love yourself. The song is by Hailee Steinfeild. It will without a doubt put a smile on your face.

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