Words: The Best Aphrodisiac For Women

Words: The best aphrodisiac for women

Seduce me with words, with phrases that you whisper in my ears as you hug me. Talk to me as if you can see into the depths of my being. Write to me when you think of me and let me know through your words that I am present in your life. All you need to know is one little secret: words are the best aphrodisiac for women.

Not just any words count in this case, not just any hug or kiss. I need to feel that you are sincere, that your actions match your words, that you are genuinely interested in me. If not, your words will be empty and they won’t be able to work magic.

How to use words as an aphrodisiac for women

Communication is always very important, but when two people want to get to know each other it is all the more important. Women, in general, notice absolutely everything. How someone looks at us, how men talk to us, what they say themselves, the gestures they make, the way they behave and dress. This does not mean that we as women jump to conclusions, but simply that we are interested in getting to know the person in front of us.

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One of the most important aspects, and one that we are most often tempted with, is words. When used wisely, with care and respect, words can be a very powerful aphrodisiac for women. However, how should words be used to tempt us?

Sincerity and naturalness

Words that come from the heart, that are sincere, that are foreseen, can enchant our hearts. It’s not about coming up with fancy phrases and just saying them. It’s about feeling what that amazing woman in front of you is doing in you and expressing yourself as naturally and respectfully as possible.

Too many compliments or too much flattery is not pleasant. It can even be quite uncomfortable. It’s important to strike the right balance between what’s too much and what’s perfect, but it’s generally just about being thoughtful and noticing my responses.  My eyes will show you the difference.

Support your words

Women like it when men talk to them, but we can also be seduced when men look at us, when men listen to us, when someone is interested in what we have to say. A word associated with a certain look can suggest a lot of things. However, that look should be sincere and natural. What we like best is when a man is himself.

As mutual trust develops, a touch accompanied by words becomes the perfect combination. As long as this is done with feeling and respect. Never with too much confidence, arrogance or paired with a snarl.

Talk with a little sense of humor

By saying things with a sense of humor, irony, a spark, these words can become very seductive. We don’t all have the same sense of humor. That’s why you should be careful if you don’t know the person in front of you that well yet. Joke with respect and intelligence.

We all like to laugh and there are always a few people that we find especially funny, but it is quite difficult to reconcile two kinds of humor. It takes a while to get to know each other, to get used to the things that other person likes and dislikes.

Talk and listen

An excess of words does not work, this is not tempting. It just gets monotonous. Talking too much yourself and not letting the other get a word in can be very unpleasant for this person, who cannot express his own feelings and thoughts in this way. In a conversation between two people there must be enough space for the words of both, for silences and for two eyes that meet and find each other.

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An aphrodisiac for women that doesn’t work

If the words you speak are not sincere or if they do not match your actions, then they will be empty words. There will be no correlation between what is said and what is done. And all those words that have been spoken with purpose and feeling will then be thrown off the track, disappear and go up in smoke.

Women are very sensitive. Therefore, it can be very harmful if words and feelings do not match. This makes us think that the feelings behind these words are not sincere either.

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