Without A Strong Storm You Will Never Become A Seaworthy Sailor

Without a strong storm you will never become a seaworthy sailor

Anyone who has ever had the opportunity to gaze into the undulating blue distance – along the coast – knows that the sea belongs to everyone and everything. Nothing or no one – neither man nor animal or plant, has the exclusive right there. This gigantic body of water is the echo of life, although sometimes it stops rippling, becoming raging and uncontrollable.

In calm mind, every good sailor cherishes her suppleness and beauty. In that state there is no danger, only peace and serenity.

However, it also happens – in stormy weather – that it begins to stir, when the surf is stirred, and crashes impetuously on rock or sand. The captain, bent on surviving such calamity, must grit his teeth, master his fear and pain, in order to save his ship, himself, and his crew from certain death. For he who dares to venture upon the great water must be ready to face her fickle tumult and clamor.

Our comfort zone leaves no room for personal growth

The same goes for our own affairs on earth, with solid ground under our feet. Educational experiences and valuable life lessons are the privilege of those who dare to step outside their comfort zone. Venturing beyond the confines of your all-too-familiar personal private world takes courage, and is the driving force behind ongoing evolution.

We often dodge the burden of responsibility, convincing ourselves that what happens to us is above all a matter of fate, bad luck or good luck. Exactly at that moment, when we give in (again) to the exonerating belief that little can be changed about our situation, we go wrong, and go up the beet bridge.

He who entrenches himself in his comfort zone, squanders the opportunity to continue to develop, and will never really reach maturity. So we have to take the risk of shipwreck for granted, grow up by facing headwinds with an open mind, or at least navigating them with agility . We must learn to look straight into the eye of this unbridled inner storm that threatens to overturn our balance. Only then will we bravely crawl through the eye of the needle, and moor in the unassailable realm of our souls: the safe haven for which we have longed so fervently.

Our sense of security

This generally pleasant sensation – of being well sheltered, sitting comfortably in the shelter of your permanent place – can sooner or later form a pitfall. Because a shelter quickly becomes a shell, into which you – out of fear – retreat earlier and earlier, as soon as the prospect of change looms before you. Remember, though, that our fears – from this higher perspective – exist only to be overcome, not to paralyze us or hide from them.

Floating yourself anyway, and being able to keep your balance is an important skill , of course , but trying and conquering the laws of a rough sea is even more courageous if possible. Whoever fearlessly seeks out his own horizon, and that of the sea, will always rise to the surface thanks to this decisiveness . No situation overwhelms him, he doesn’t have to gasp for breath, because he will never drown.

Those who avoid risks may not lose, but they also rarely win

To discover new things, or to detect pristine insights, we sometimes have to dare – by touch and our intuition – into the dark or the wilderness, beyond the territory where we already know the way. Staying timid and passive in your own territory – for fear of a fiasco – deprives you of the chance of success at the same time.

“Only those who are not stopped by the risk of going too far will discover how far we can go at all.”

-TS Eliot-

Most people tend to be in control in their daily lives, and they derive their confidence from predictability. We expect this emotional stability and reliable environment to bring us happiness. Thus we sometimes neglect the fact that psychological and personal growth is by definition groundbreaking and – for the ego – enormously scary : how do you ever get or create that dream job if you always opt for security (e.g. a contract and guaranteed income? )? Doom-mongering, and therefore refraining from applying for a job, gives you – in a negative sense – a certain grip , but that does not mean that you are satisfied.

In this way we have become accustomed to the saying: ‘.’ We’ve taken this conservative stance, from the inside out, without understanding exactly how such advice subconsciously encourages us to resign ourselves to the sub-optimal status quo, rather than fight for what we really want.

The skipper knows that the drift of the sea can bring his death, but also that life is ultimately only worth living if you successfully endure such hurricanes and thunderstorms. That resilience , and ‘er-vaar-ing’ (pun) is what protects him, and what makes him arrive at his existential destiny.

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