With These 7 Tips You Can Gain More Self-motivation

With these 7 tips you can acquire more self-motivation

Where does self motivation come from? It’s such an impressive power. It is the power you need to achieve your goals and your dreams. We think of Rafael Nadal and his famous “come on!” when he feels the pressure on the tennis court. Where does that self-motivation come from and how can you acquire more self-motivation? The key is our inner voice.

This voice of self-motivation empowers us to perform the daily actions that we find most difficult, such as going to work, studying, and exercising. It can also affect our thoughts. Because it makes them strong enough to stimulate us. They fill us with passion as we work our way towards our goals.

It is estimated that our mind processes an average of 20,000 thoughts per day. That is equivalent to about 40 thoughts per minute. We think and react spiritually to circumstances or moments we are going through. This depends on countless emotional variants. Many of these thoughts we do not notice. But there are others we try to stop when they try to escape. And there are other thoughts that become part of our reality without our realizing it.

Gaining more self-motivation

From a very young age, we form opinions about ourselves and our environment. We can describe an opinion as an idea, a judgment or an understanding that a person has or forms about something or someone. We must respect people’s opinions. Because the fact that there are different opinions has its origin in the diversity of humanity. But that doesn’t mean every opinion is true or holds up!

Objectively speaking, it’s impossible for every one of those 60,000 thoughts we’ve listed to be correct. Because there are simply personal assessments that have no certainty or validity. Many of these thoughts and opinions help us to think and be inspired. They are part of our self-motivation. But other opinions sabotage our well-being. In fact, they discourage us. But you can gain more self-motivation by applying the tips we describe in this article.

Self-motivation and motivational factors

But for each of these discouraging factors, there are others that motivate us. They encourage us and make us feel capable. This will help us acquire more self-motivation. But how can we create a stimulus that will have a positive influence on our mood? How can we make sure that our “motivation factors” outweigh the discouraging aspects? And can we be encouraged without needing outside voices?

Gain more self-motivation with 7 tips

Here are seven ways you can encourage yourself. Because that way you create the self-motivation you so need to face the challenges in life and the goals you set for yourself.

Your inner dialogue

If we don’t want to accept any thought as the truth, then we need to create a healthy inner dialogue. We must distinguish between the thoughts that slow us down and the thoughts that will help us with our goals. This is a very difficult assignment to begin with.

One way to do this is to create an imaginary character. Give it a name and start a conversation with this character. Sometimes you will have to set limits for this character. At other times you will have to calm him down. But eventually you will succeed in building a “friendship” that will last a lifetime.

Be aware of your mood

We live with our many states of mind. Some are more productive and constructive than others. Self-compassion will help you deal with difficult times. You will also gain more self-motivation. For you will know that when you decide things, you will have the means to change them. Practice techniques that connect your mind and your body, such as yoga or mindfulness.

Gaining more self-motivation

Make decisions instead of being guided by obligations

How many thoughts you have that start with “I have to…?” It’s time for you to make decisions and change your mind to “I will.” If you make a list of those “I have to…” thoughts, you will see that many of those thoughts come from habits you have created. They are customs that you have inherited or rules that you do not really need in your daily life. How many “I have to…” thoughts are there really your own personal choices?

Find out what your personal values ​​are

Personal values ​​are profound beliefs that determine your way of life and guide your behavior. When they move you to action, they are very powerful. For every “discouraging factor” there is a personal value that balances your life and gives you strength.

Create a positive learning attitude

You are human. If you want self-motivation, a compulsive pursuit of perfection doesn’t really help in the long run. But if you have a positive attitude towards learning, you will see your mistakes as part of the process. You learn and you adapt. The moment you accept that you are not perfect, you take the first step towards excellence and can gain more self-motivation.

Work towards excellence

When you work for excellence, you will discover the satisfaction of being able to achieve what you want without having to make comparisons. So you don’t have to compete with anyone. Because excellence will help you get better every day. It is demanding but also instructive.

Trust and believe in yourself

Start trusting yourself step by step. Because it doesn’t mean that just because you tried something in the past and didn’t succeed, you won’t succeed now. Have faith and know that you are always doing things the best way you know. You will gain more self-motivation little by little that way. Believe in yourself. You don’t have to be Rafael Nadal. But think of that famous cry of his and… COME ON!

Remember that self-motivation comes from within. It builds up the powers and virtues we already have. Don’t give up on the first try, or on the second, or on the third. Prove to yourself that you can get better every step of the way.

Don’t underestimate yourself. You will always make mistakes. But you have to make sure you turn them into tools for learning. As long as you have the willpower to turn them into power, you will never really fail.

Self-motivation is born in the present. Belief in your abilities will make this quote from Abraham Lincoln a part of your life:

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