What Your Music Taste Says About Your Personality

What your music taste says about your personality

For starters, we invite you to listen to this song while reading this article. This article is about music, so it’s only fitting that we add a few songs to it.

Music taste and personality

According to a study recently done in the UK, music taste and personality are closely linked. British psychology professor Adrian North of Heriot-Watt University in Scotland conducted the study, which involved 36,000 participants around the world.

According to North, researchers over the past few decades have found that fans of rock and rap music are rebellious and fans of opera are wealthy and educated, but “this is the first time a study shows connections between personality and music taste across a wide selection of musical instruments. styles.”

According to this interesting study, which included 104 different styles of music, jazz and classical music lovers have a lot of confidence and creativity, but jazz fans are sociable while classical music lovers are more introverted. At the same time, people who like pop music are hard workers.

piece of music

Country fans are shy and hardworking, rap fans are outgoing, and indie fans are served and low on self-confidence. Soul music lovers fared better in this study: they are outgoing, creative, sweet, content and have a lot of self-confidence.

Heavy metal fans are tender and calm,  although they are not exactly hard workers, and they lack self-confidence.

One of the most interesting results of the research, according to North, is  the similarities between classical music lovers and heavy metal fans,  strange as it may sound: both groups are  peaceful, introverted and creative.

North also gives examples of people listening to music in the car:  those with higher incomes tend to listen to repetitive and loud music, while those with lower incomes tend to listen to  more relaxing music.

The personality of heavy metal fans

There are many stereotypes about fans of heavy metal, rock, punk and so on, especially among older people. Their taste in music and their appearance gives many people the impression of being unreliable, suspicious and the belief that they are rude and rough with no emotions. But young people do not have the same beliefs. With all due respect to the elderly, this study supports the belief that heavy metal fans are tender and sensitive.

For those of you who still doubt this, here’s a heavy metal band to listen to – and if you liked this one, listen to the next one too!

We more or less agree with Professor North’s claims, such as the idea:  “Sometimes people express their identity through their taste in music,  their clothes, the bar they go to or the use of certain slang… It’s not uncommon to think that personality is related to taste in music.” What do you think?

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