What Is Offered Wholeheartedly Is Multiplied

Do you ever get overwhelmed by that feeling someone causes when they help you, lovingly and wholeheartedly, without expecting anything in return? That feeling is certainly one of the most rewarding feelings we can feel because it makes us feel united with others.

The feeling that fills our bodies when we help someone who desperately needs it without expecting anything in return is similar to this and sometimes even better. Put your heart and soul into everything you give to others; the reward will be many times greater  than what you would receive if you were selfish.

Put your heart in everything you do

Giving with all your heart is a positive thing, not only for the person receiving, but also for the person who is giving. Giving without expecting something of the same magnitude in return has positive consequences. One of the main consequences is that we feel satisfied with ourselves, which increases our self-confidence. An increase in our self-love, which gives us confidence as individuals.

All The Heart

When you do something for someone who is important to you, don’t immediately think of all the benefits it will have for you in the future, because this would mean that you are not doing something from your heart, but rather because you are selfish. And in reality, the reward is often simply that feeling of adding something to someone else’s life.

In most cases  , these people will be able to appreciate what you’ve done for them and will somehow return the gesture. We must act modestly and only by helping others will we become aware of the true value of life.

Be thankful for what others do for you

The benefits of putting our whole heart into the things we give and do are reflected in our ability to appreciate the effort others make for us. Think of the saying ‘gratitude is the memory of the heart’, besides, in reality we don’t know how much the other person gives up to make our lives easier.

If we all stopped thinking about what other people are doing to make our lives easier, it would be all the more difficult for us to appreciate those small gestures and those seemingly insignificant actions. These are things that partly remind us that  we need others just as much as they need us.

Stop thinking about a materialistic reward for your help, the fact that you make someone (more) happy, even if only for a moment, is very valuable in itself. And few things can be more satisfying than that, at least in a rewarding and lasting way. Think about it: isn’t it true that when we fight to achieve something, we are prouder of what we’ve done than the destination we’ve reached?

The reward is bigger when you don’t expect it

Noticing both things makes us more open to other people and it has been beautifully said by the French writer Flaubert that  “a heart is a form of wealth that is neither bought nor sold, but given”. In this way, a reward from someone who opens his heart to us or that we open ours without fear is so much more powerful and lasting than a material reward.

All The Heart

This is exactly why it is good to feel inspired by those who are important to you, because their interest will be nothing more than  your  well-being. The goal is therefore to give the best version of ourselves and simply that:  as a result, we will be valued for who we are and not for what we offer or have. This is how you will earn the love and affection of others by offering genuine love and affection yourself.

Don’t doubt it, put your whole heart into everything. This will make you much more satisfied with yourself and, moreover, your reward will come back to you doubly.

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