What Are Emotional Blocks?

What are emotional blocks?

Emotional blocks are limitations that keep us from thinking creatively to achieve our goals. Many people go through life at a normal pace, but still suffer from an emotional block in one part of their life. For example, some people do very well professionally and have enough friends, but have an emotional block in their love life that prevents them from moving forward.

Others may be doing very well in relationships, friendships and family, but experience professional stagnation. In other words, everything can go quite well, yet a person is not able to show himself as he really is because something prevents him from being himself. He prefers to wear a mask towards society, behind which he feels safer and better protected.

Behaviors that may indicate an emotional blockage may include avoiding activities or events for fear of doing something wrong, constant nervousness, fear of rejection, shyness, lack of motivation, preoccupation with the negative and not being able to find a solution, jealousy, envy, judging instead of understanding etc.

Emotional blocks develop from fear, insecurity, an inferiority complex etc. Today we are generally more sensitive to emotional blocks because we have a greater tendency towards negativity instead of positivity.

How to remove emotional blocks

When your emotions are positive, your mind unblocks and creativity, spontaneity, naturalness, motivation and joy arise. Imagine that you have been unemployed for several years and a job interview is no longer motivating enough. You sit around waiting for your name to be called, not realizing that you’re only adding to the existing block by thinking things like, “They’re not going to pick me anyway,” “The other candidates are probably a lot better suited than me.” , ‘I have been unemployed for so long that I am no longer a valuable employee’, ‘I am not suitable’, ‘They will notice that I am nervous’, ‘I will not get this job anyway’ etc. These kinds of negative thoughts that go through our minds at such times can paralyze and block us,  causing us to radiate negativity during the interview and, as a result, not get the job. ‘If you don’t believe in yourself, no one will do this’.

However, if you yourself are convinced that you do have a chance, then it is likely that the person you are having a conversation with will subconsciously pick up on this positivity. In order to remove emotional blocks, we must therefore focus on the positive side of situations. If we ourselves are positive, then there will be no blockage.

So try to think in a way that makes you happy, relaxed and hopeful. Think things like: ‘I have a good chance’, ‘I am a valuable person and I believe in myself’, ‘If I am chosen, great! If not, I will learn something from this experience and apply this knowledge during my next job interview’, ‘My well-being does not depend on whether I am chosen or not. For I know that if it is not the case today, I will be elected another day.”

If you think you can do it and truly believe that something is possible, then there is a good chance that one day it will happen. When you believe in a certain possibility, you radiate a feeling that someone else will subconsciously pick up. Often the reason for something is completely unknown, but we are attracted and convinced by something. And in the end, it can be precisely those inner convictions that enable us to move mountains. So take good care of your inner language. If you want to become a champion, you must first think like a champion.

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