We Always Return To The Places Where We Used To Love Life

We always return to the places we loved life

As humans, we always return to the old places where we once enjoyed life. In the song ‘City Fish’ , however, Joaquin Sabina sings: “To the place where you were happy you should not try to return.” (to the place where you were happy, you should not try to return). So where should we point our compass?

Sabina is not wrong. Perhaps when you return to those places that once marked your life with happy moments, you will no longer be able to view them the same way. You will go back blindfolded with infatuation. You will see the buildings as they are, building structures made of different materials that provide shelter for tourists and locals, but they will no longer resemble the actors who were brought in your path with a purpose to contribute as co-stars to your story.

They will no longer radiate that familiar light that guarantees your feelings. It seems like everything is much more beautiful when it comes to an end.

Whether physically or in our imagination, we always return

Some stories walk the right path in your life, and these stories are necessary too. If you insist that these stories last longer, they won’t be able to keep you warm on cold nights full of chilly tears and fear, as the beauty of these kinds of stories is actually hidden in their open ending that is full of mystery. Sometimes you have to treasure fantasies about love because the feeling was never really there in time. But perhaps this feeling was so authentic all your life precisely because it was incomplete.

Loved Life

We always return to those old places where we loved life, even to those places that only exist in our imagination. By squinting our tearful eyes at every unexpected memory. We always return to the place where we were once in love, because we want to know what it felt like again. In the end, we always return to the state in which we became excited about something, just to show that we still have this kind of hope in us.

We always return to cry

Sometimes people return to those old places where they loved life only to be sad for their missed opportunity. They return with sorrow in their hearts. But also with even more passion than ever, because they feel that the flame has continued to burn despite everything. 

Loved Life

We always return to show our loyalty

We always return to that place that was unique. But even with similar people, feelings and events, the way this place touched our hearts will never be the same. Sometimes we have to squeeze our entire existence into a very short period of time.

This free, anarchic, unpredictable, rebellious and passionate way of acting is a gift you got from that place because you loved the feeling it gave you. It’s not a relationship where someone loses: both took a little magic from the other to make themselves shine more. This place shines even more after she knows you’ve been faithful. It is a secret between the two of you that does not imprison you, but rather sets you free.

We return to the place where we once loved life to be brave

We always return to those old places where we loved life to be brave and heal old wounds. We return to places like this because one moment of fulfillment there equals thousands of moments of fulfillment in other places. Not because the days themselves are happy, but because the days are meaningful and full of authentic happiness.

We return to be brave, because we are aware that one day we will no longer feel the need to live in the place we once loved, but at the same time we are not willing to leave this place. We return to thank her, feel and try again.

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