Vulnerability Is A Sign Of Psychological Courage

Making yourself vulnerable is an act of courage. Ultimately, a strong person is not one who can hold up a fake image of happiness for a long time. You are strong when you let your feelings out into the world and when you accept your mistakes and pain.
Vulnerability is a sign of psychological courage

Vulnerability is a sign of psychological courage. Contrary to what society might have you believe, vulnerability is a psychological value.

It’s another part of your reality as a human that deserves to be accepted. By being vulnerable you not only take over your emotional universe, but you also connect with your environment in a more intimate and authentic way.

Being vulnerable takes strength. In a world where people value trust and persistence, those who dare to let go of their armor of perfection are remarkably brave. Vulnerability is not a sign of weakness.

It is worth remembering that vulnerability is not synonymous with ignorance and it is not a lack of strength or courage. It’s another side of the human character. In essence, it is part of your nature that makes you sensitive to your needs. It also allows you to empathize with the pain and emotional realities of others.

Hand with feather to show vulnerability

You are not a hero, you are a person: vulnerability is a sign of courage

Mario Benedetti once said that perfection is a polished collection of mistakes. Let’s just admit it though: people find it hard to accept their mistakes, failures and changes.

It’s likely that society has somehow told you to navigate the world of make-believe and deceit of success and good humors, when deep down you’re actually scared, sad, or anxious.

So, from a cultural point of view, emotional and even physical vulnerability has always had a negative and embarrassing connotation. Anyone who abandons perfection, strength and determination and instead accepts doubt and mistakes as part of the “game” often feels bad about themselves. They don’t live up to what society expects.

On the other hand, it is interesting that in the world of literature, poetry and existential philosophy of authors such as Martin Heidegger, vulnerability is something necessary and constructive.

Books like World, Affectivity, Trauma by Robert D. Stolorow remind us that this kind of “dimension” is just another area of ​​our own existence. After all, you are human: finite, sensitive, mortal and capricious.

The balance between vulnerability and strength

It’s great to show your skills in some activities or challenges. It’s great to show others how good you are at something. But admitting that sometimes you can’t do everything is also acceptable. That’s the way it should be, because that’s the reality.

Taking responsibility for your mistakes, showing your pain or sorrow in certain circumstances that overwhelm you, or even telling other people that you are having a hard time and need some time for yourself is also admirable.

There is nothing wrong with that and you are not less worthy of the good things because you accept that your strength and vulnerability are both part of you as an individual.

Hardness is not a psychological value, but vulnerability is

If you seem tough and infallible, it won’t always get you to the top. At least not when it comes to happiness, well-being, respect and human interaction. In fact, even in a work environment, these characteristics are not considered the only way to excel.

Nowadays, aspects such as sensitivity, empathy and vulnerability can give you great positions in a good work environment because they make it easier to reach agreements and the whole environment is more humane.

You are perfect if you are vulnerable

You are perfect if you are vulnerable, vulnerability is a sign of courage

University of Houston professor Brené Brown pointed out that vulnerability is where love, the sense of belonging, joy, courage, empathy and creativity are born. So why would you assume that when you make yourself vulnerable, you are imperfect?

It’s sad when someone never lets themselves be vulnerable. It is even sadder if one never dares to open up to another person to show emotions and feel the pain or joy of the other person.

Some people are obsessed with showing the world that they are competent, tough and inflexible and that they don’t make mistakes, which is a real shame. However, this dynamic shows only imperfection and unhappiness.

Courage shows your lights and shadows, your strengths and weaknesses. Courage is being able to fall down when you are no longer able to continue, and then get up again when the time comes. The power of vulnerability makes you human. It makes you more perfect by accepting yourself and others for who they are. Nothing is so reassuring.

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