Use The Past As A Trampoline, Not A Sofa

Use the past as a trampoline, not a sofa

Maybe someone really hurt us or we actually let ourselves down. Maybe some situations didn’t turn out as we expected. Something that has gone unspoken, a mistake we don’t accept or a behavior we didn’t expect to chain us up and become prisoners of our own circumstances.

The past can be a very heavy burden to carry. In fact, it can cause us an awful lot of pain every time we think about it. Looking back or living continuously with the memory of what happened without learning from it binds us to the difficult feelings, guilt or anger and does not let us move on with our lives.

The chains of the past

There are people who spend their entire lives caught up in a moment of success or an experience that caused them distress. They live as if that moment will never end and they infect everyone around them by never stopping.

Living with your thoughts in the past will not resolve or relieve your feelings. It simply takes us back to that moment, inundating and infecting us with the associated feelings. Whether it is a positive or negative memory, we cannot let it go. Staying in the past hinders our growth and our ability to change.

If we make ourselves too comfortable on the couch of ‘we’ve tried it and it didn’t work’, ‘falling in love brought me more pain than joy’, ‘it’s no use trusting others, because everyone is just preoccupied with his own interests…’, then we will end up spending our lives in a waiting room, watching everything happening around us. With this attitude, we choose to play a supporting role in our own film, subject to the mercy of others and our circumstances.

The past, whether good or bad, has already had its moment. It will not end because we have thought of it more than once, nor will it be solved because we fled from it. But if we confront it, we can work on new attitudes and ways.

Breaking free from the ties of the past

Every experience or situation is viewed through the eyes of the past and takes on meaning in relation to what we have experienced. Our past experiences leave a mark on our present and future. We cannot avoid this.

However, everything depends on whether our relationship with the past is mediated by chains that chain us or trampolines that launch us forward thanks to the lessons we have learned.

Woman on Cliff Edge
If you use the past as a couch, on which you sink pleasantly into your problems, your failed attempts at success, or the open wounds of your relationships, you could become entangled in all those ties that keep you from moving forward in the future. your life.

On the other hand, if you use your past as a teacher and if you learn from your mistakes and your virtues, you can continue to develop your full potential. The past can hurt and hold us captive. We can linger in it, run from it, or we can learn from the lessons it carries. Ultimately, the choice is ours.

If we dwell in the past, we will deceive ourselves and create strong chains that halt our growth, doom us through guilt, anger, or disappointment. If we flee from our experiences, we will create a void that will be filled with our fears and insecurities.

However, if we choose to learn from the past, we will first make ourselves resistant to it and then be ready to take advantage of whatever lesson it provides us with. We will break the chains and work on the necessary incentives to keep moving forward.

Build that trampoline that will bring you closer to your dreams

The trampoline that brings us closer to our dreams is built by a desire to learn about what we’ve been through. Instead of complaining, criticizing yourself, feeling guilt or resentment about your last relationship, your failed attempts, or that friend’s disappointing behavior, think about what you can learn from it.

To jump

How can controlling your experiences help you in your daily life? In what sense is this related to building that trampoline that will let you achieve anything you want? It’s quite simple: our personal growth is completely connected with the relationship between our past and our daily life.

Let’s think. If I learn to get along with those around me or if I learn to control my emotions because of what I’ve been through in the past, it will allow me to focus all my energy on getting what I want. want and I will naturally build that motivational trampoline.

But of course we could also stick to what we already know or have already experienced, which only makes the risk seem greater. The comfort of that sofa, of the familiar, of your comfort zone is incredibly attractive and soothing. Staying here may cause us distress, but it is not nearly as frightening as the risk involved in leaping into the unknown. But how can we keep growing and learning like this?

The past can serve as a bench on which to sink into self-pity or it can serve as a trampoline that launches us in the direction of our dreams. Your thoughts will determine this.

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