Trial And Error: The Way Of Life

Falling and getting up: the way of life

“Wanderer, there is no way, the way is made by walking…” These words are a perfect description of how life works; of how the way of life works. There is no such thing as a real way, a certain way. In life we ​​all make our own way, our own track, we write our own history that is full of good choices, bad choices, happy moments and hard times.

However, that’s how life works; it can only be learned by experiencing it, just living, living without fear. Keep going endlessly, despite all the rocks and bumps we run into that sometimes cause us to stumble and fall again and again, only so that we have to get up again, with zest for life and strength, without looking back. The past is gone and the future is on its way, but we can only see the dim horizon in the distance that we are slowly moving towards.

In the meantime, we continue our steps at a slow and steady pace, some even just like a snail with its head hidden in its little house. However, we bow our heads and keep going, because “wanderer, there is no way, the way is made by walking”.

Sometimes we have to decide if we’re going to cross a river or if we’d rather look for a way to cut our way. We enjoy it when the sun shines down on us in all its glory and we will bear it when it falls from the sky in torrents and knocks us down. And thanks to this downpour, we collect little things, precious things, to keep in our memories, so they can remind us of everything we’ve learned through the storm. The storm has taught us to protect ourselves, fearing that either the cold will make us sick and stop us moving, or the storm will ruin our clothes and haircut, making us look bad in the eyes of someone who might crosses path.

And we keep going, piling up experiences and things,  making ourselves feel heavier and heavier the further we go. We will have a sterner face and a thicker skin from the sun, the wind and the rain, but fortunately we will also become wiser as we keep walking, because… “wanderer, there is no way, the way is made by walking …”

Our willpower, our courage to keep walking, our humility when we need it, and the pride we feel when we reach the top of a mountain on a long journey, all help us on this long road called life. These qualities are also there for the people who are unable to find decisive answers, because life can only be outdated by continuing to move forward and because mistakes can also be part of the right path. Vulnerability, fear and insecurity when faced with a dark night; we are all alone on this road where everything can suddenly turn into strange and mysterious shadows that confuse us and obscure our view, but even then this road still has its charm.


Everything passes and everything remains,

however, it is up to us to go,

to go beyond beaten paths,

roads across the sea.

I never sought fame,

nor my song forced upon men;

I like subtle worlds,

weightless and gentle,

like soap bubbles.

I love watching them draw themselves

with yellow and red colors, how they fly

under the blue sky, trembling

and suddenly explode…

I have never pursued fame.

Wanderer, your footprints

are the way and nothing more;

wanderer, there is no way,

the way is created by walking.

Walking makes the way,

and the way is seen by looking back,

by looking back on the road

that we will never walk again.

Wanderer, there is no way

But rather a foam trail on the sea…

Long ago it was on the spot

where now stands a thornbush,

heard a poet’s cry,

“Wanderer, there is no way,

the way is created by walking…”

Battle for battle, line after line…

The poet died far from home,

buried in the dust of a neighboring land.

While he was left behind he was seen crying,

“Wanderer, there is no way,

the way is created by walking…”

When the finch is no longer able to sing,

when the poet is a pilgrim,

when our prayers become in vain,

wanderer, there is no way,

the way is created by walking…”

Battle after battle, line after line.

-Antonio Machado-

We invite you to watch the video below, in which the original Spanish poem, written by one of the best poets of our time, has been turned into a song.

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