There Is Nothing But The Here And Now

There is nothing but the here and now

You, who wake up every morning with a rage and want to postpone the start of this new day. You, who would rather remain buried in the comfort of his own pillow. Or you, who jump out of bed as soon as his alarm goes off, who hurries down his breakfast, jumps in the shower and flies out the door, ready to start a new day. And yes, you too, who as soon as he comes into contact with reality, after he has just woken up, turns his mind to what he has to do that morning or afternoon and if he is even more rushed, that week. The future. You live in the future.

Or maybe you immediately think about how sorry you are that your date last night didn’t go the way you hoped or that something at work didn’t turn out the way you would have liked. Or maybe you wish you had studied a little better for your exam that day. Past. Now you live in the past.

Past and future. Future and past. These are both temporary moments, connected by an invisible thread that keeps you moving from one side to the other. And all the while you are unable to appreciate the taste of your breakfast, the soft fabric of your pajamas or the rays of the sun shining through your window.

Thoughts about what has happened or what is to come, which then trigger a whole host of other thoughts… because this is what you’ve become accustomed to: living on autopilot in the future or the past.

You look forward or backward, wasting every second of the present and completely letting what is happening in that moment pass you by. And what if you would stop doing that? Have you ever tried that? You can try it, if only for a few seconds.

I invite you, and suggest you do it, to breathe. To feel yourself. Get in touch with yourself.  Start paying attention to what you are doing, in your present moment. Life is just a series of moments and you have to start to make the most of each of them. Move forward, consciously and responsibly; make the choice.

The best place to start is where you are right now, where you are as you read these sentences. Immerse yourself in the experience. That way, you can make sure you give yourself a few moments that are just for you. Enjoy what you are doing or at least be aware of it. Be fully aware of what you are doing, immersed in the experience.

How can you do this? I’ll tell you. Watching what you are doing means being aware.

When you are eating, you are eating and nothing more. Taste the food, pay attention to the texture of what you are eating. The same goes for when you are in the shower, for example. Have you ever concentrated on the feeling when the warm water falls on your skin? Or when you spend time with your friends, dedicate this time to them and the conversations you have.

This also applies to unpleasant moments. Not everything in your life will be shrouded in bliss. Try to look deeper and look for your purpose, your needs and your feelings.

Discover the power of acceptance. Forget your resentments and your expectations. We often distance ourselves from the here and now because it is too painful for us or because it does not meet our expectations. We may feel guilty for being able to enjoy it.

What is done is done and the future will come, although of course you have to make an effort to get what you want. Don’t use the past as a couch to hang out on, but rather as a trampoline and erase the ‘what if…’ from your life. Guessing is not reality. Try to have a few minutes to yourself, with the here and now.

Surrender yourself to the experience. And don’t forget to live in the here and now, in this moment. After all, there is nothing other than that.

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