The Striking Link Between Being Late And Creativity

The striking link between being late and creativity

We all have that one friend who is always late. Or maybe it’s you who’s always late. This makes anyone who does arrive on time very nervous. They can’t stand that others are a quarter of an hour or half an hour late. What they don’t know is that if you’re often late, it’s probably because you’re so creative.

There are exceptions, of course, and being late doesn’t always mean you’re more creative than everyone else. Psychologists at San Diego State University have revealed that people who are always late are more creative than people who are always punctual. They have also identified creativity as a quality of people who are slow. Optimism is also linked to the, according to many, poor quality of being late.

Personality type B is characterized by being late

If being late everywhere is one of your personality traits, then you probably have personality type B.  That’s what a recent study in New York found out. In this study, 181 workers were analyzed to find out why they were late. The result confirmed the foregoing.


But what other character traits do people with such a personality have? What makes them different from the rest?

  • You rarely see them rushed, as if they have little time.
  • They never seem tense or impatient, even when the situation calls for it.
  • They don’t see productivity as a necessity.
  • They are not busy all day with a crowded agenda.
  • They take the time to analyze problems and find the best solutions.

As you can see, people with personality type B are very calm and rarely let themselves be stirred by stressful situations. This is a positive thing, although many people find this kind of rest disturbing. But it is true that they find much better solutions to their problems. This is because people with personality type B do not allow themselves to be influenced by small things. They don’t worry about the details.

Does this mean that only people with personality type B can be creative? Of course not. But they do have many elements that favor creativity. Creativity is largely dependent on the inspiration and the time you can take for this. If you are someone who gets stressed easily and who is always in a hurry, your creativity is less noticeable than with calm people.


A different perception of time makes you more creative

If you are someone who is concerned about time, you may not understand how people who feel they have hours to spare divide their time. The truth is that their perception of time is very different. Some may even say they have a distorted view of it.

People who are often late or think or believe that they always have many hours left to do what they want. That’s why they are not aware that they are always late, they thought they still had plenty of time!

Interestingly enough, although they are always late everywhere, this does not cause them any stress. They have a different perception of time, which does not match the perception of others. For example, it does not match the perception of time that people with personality type A have. Their character traits are the opposite of those of people with personality type B.


According to several studies that have been done on this topic,  people with personality type A feel that a minute is 58 seconds. People with personality type B, on the other hand, feel that a minute is 77 seconds. While it may not seem like a huge difference, this 19-second difference can cause a significant lag as the hours go by.

Is there a solution to this problem? The advice we can give to the people who are late is the advice you have probably already thought of yourself. Organize your time, try to figure out what you’re wasting time on. Learn to appreciate time, get used to wearing a watch and being aware of time. But the kind of personality we have is what really defines us.

Being late can be a sign of creativity and optimism. A sign that you are calmer about things and that you are trying harder to enjoy things and make use of the present. This does not happen for people who are very punctual. For them, the clock is a cause of stress and time passes far too quickly.

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