The Relationship Between Video Games And Intelligence

Video games are part of our social life. However, are they also beneficial to our intelligence? What is the relationship between video games and intelligence?
The relationship between video games and intelligence

There is no doubt that video games have changed the way we view leisure time. In this day and age, when we are practically surrounded by video games and more and more people are using them, people have started to wonder if there is a connection between video games and intelligence.

Today, video games are the main source of entertainment at parties and gatherings. Moreover, it is an industry that generates a lot of money. We have all played a video game at least once in our lives.

In general, we see them as a way to fill our free time without having to think too much. However, can video games also have a positive influence on our brains?

In this article, we’ll discuss how video games have changed our view of the world. We will also show that not all video games have the same cognitive effect on our brains.

What is gamification?

This term describes the influence that different types of video games have on certain activities. We could gamify almost any activity .

In general, video games are used in class to enhance the learning process and cognitive development of students. They can be activities on their own or activities that complement other activities. However, many parents complain about this, which shows that these kinds of games are not accepted by everyone as a form of education.

Children play video games at school

Video games and intelligence

There are many reasons why people have found a relationship between video games and intelligence. In fact, there’s a 2005 study by Shaffer, Squire, Halverson, and Gee showing that there’s basically a link between learning and video games.

It is well known that chess can improve logical reasoning. Today, however, games like League of Legends or Battlefield 3 can also stimulate some areas of the brain and possibly promote cognitive development.

To play League of Legends , you have to come up with a good strategy, just like in chess. For Battlefield 3 , the players must have good hand-eye coordination as they need to be fast to win.

This shows that video games require a lot of skills. Not everyone has these skills. This depends on the kind of intelligence we master.

A player with good visual-spatial intelligence will be better at strategy games. On the other hand, if you have good verbal-linguistic intelligence, you’ll probably be better at games like Aworded .

Not all video games are beneficial

You’re probably wondering now if this means that any video game can make you smarter. The answer is no. In general, you should look for games that improve your ability to process information and improve your problem-solving skills.

Boy playing video game

Another important aspect to consider is the minimum age requirement to play a particular video game. For example, allowing a child to play a violent video game can affect his or her social perception, causing him to lose his or her ability to empathize.

However, one’s social perception is not always affected that way, because more variables must be present. For example, think of certain personality disorders or a conflicted childhood.

This does not mean that violent video games are completely incapable of stimulating one’s intelligence. There are even several studies that show that they do.

However, it is important to understand that this is often more likely to be the case in adults. We need a certain level of emotional maturity to understand the difference between fiction and reality.

So in a sense, video games are positive and even necessary. We should therefore not overlook the benefits that these new technologies can offer.

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