The Power Of Words

The power of words

The power of words is enormous. Although people say that images say a lot more (which they sometimes do), we should not forget that the words we speak can carry a lot of weight. The smallest, most insignificant words can do a lot of damage depending on the circumstances.

There’s a popular English saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” However, words can be just as powerful. A single word can convey many messages and even have devastating consequences.

In this article, I’ll discuss the many ways we use the power of words, whether it’s to hurt someone, make someone happy, or simply get what we want from someone.

The power of hurtful words

Words are so strong that you don’t have to use many to cause someone intense happiness or sadness. All you have to do is say something that confirms a negative emotion from the other person or attacks the other person on their weakest points.

We all know toxic, manipulative people who are able to use their words to get what they want from us, even if we don’t want it ourselves. We’ve all said something out of anger, resentment, pain, rejection, and sadness.

Like it or not, words are the most common method of communication people use. And they include a type of exchange that leaves its mark on us. Can you remember a time when words caused you an awful lot of pain or when they just made your whole day better?

Loving Words

The power of loving words

Words aren’t just powerful when they’re used to hurt someone. They also serve to describe feelings such as pleasure, kindness, love, and gratitude. In fact, we’ve used some of the most beautiful words in the world to talk about the things we love, such as beauty, friendship, solidarity, or the many endearing things that surround us.

What would love be without words? Is there anything more beautiful than telling the one you love how you feel about them and how much they mean to you?

Obviously words are incredibly powerful when we talk about all that is good and beautiful in life  and this is one of the best ways they can be used.

The power of empty words

There are also people who have the ability to talk without actually saying anything. Some people go on talking without the listener being able to draw clear conclusions about what is being said.

When such people are in positions of power, it often creates a mixture of feelings in the community, such as anger, sadness and powerlessness. They feel angry because the person in power has a duty to clarify his actions and proposals. They feel sad because they are part of the society that brought these people to power. And they feel powerless because they can’t communicate openly with them despite their best efforts.

The power of deceptive words

Finally , I want to discuss the power of words when it comes to their tremendous ability to convey lies, to grab the listener’s attention and make them believe something that isn’t actually true.

Although no one has explicitly told us, we are all aware that lies have a much more faithful ally in written or spoken language than in sign language, for example.

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