The Extraordinary Power Of Positive Emotions

The extraordinary power of positive emotions

Emotions are a natural part of our lives. Yet we often pay almost no attention to it. But in recent years more and more evidence has come to light showing the direct relationship between our emotions and our health. In fact, positive emotions can improve our health in the same way that negative emotions can weaken it.

Numerous studies show that our central nervous system and immune system communicate directly with each other. This means that our emotions and our bodies are not separate entities. On the contrary, they are very strongly linked and interconnected.

What all recent studies also reveal is the influence of negative feelings. These studies warn us about the negative influence that certain emotions have on our health. They show us the importance of avoiding negative feelings like fear and anger. But what people usually don’t think about is that blocking these feelings can also be a cause of health problems.

Emotions that take care of our health

It’s been a while now that some health care experts have changed their approach to our emotions. They have started to speak in a more positive way. Instead of focusing on the negative feelings, they now focus on the power of positive emotions.

Arturo Ag├╝ero is a physician and director of the National Hospital Diego Alcorta. In his book, Emociones que curan,  in Dutch  Emotions heal,  he says that positive feelings can bring an end to the negative charges of other sensations in the body that can threaten our health.

Woman jumping for joy because of her positive emotions

American physician  B. Fredrickson  is winner of the  Highest Templeton Prize in Positive Psychology. In the same way, after years of scientific research, he discovered how positive emotions improve health.

The University of Kentucky has also conducted extensive research on this topic. The result has shown a link between positive emotions and longevity. So, after decades of research, we now have real evidence showing the relationship between positive feelings and our health and life expectancy. It has actually been proven that people who experience more positive emotions have lower blood pressure and stronger immune systems. Here we present to you some of those positive emotions and feelings:

Joy and fun

Joy is perhaps one of the fastest emotions we can experience. It happens in an instant when we are in a pleasant environment. It occurs in those “perfect” moments when we feel that everything is exactly as it should be and we are where we need to be.

Fun is equally important. This emotion is associated with pleasant feelings. We find it in the things that make us laugh and enjoy our experiences. In this sense, pleasure is a powerful natural relaxant.


We must see this emotion in the broadest sense. Among other things, be grateful for life, nature, our comrades in life. We should be thankful for our health, for the place we live in, and so many other things.

Giving thanks is also a cause for joy. It means someone is taking care of us and we are doing well. Who wouldn’t feel comforted to know this?

Gratitude is a good example of positive emotions

peace of mind

Peace of mind is a more relaxed, steady, and subtle emotion than joy. We enjoy it when we are one with ourselves and aware of what we are experiencing. Moreover, peace of mind is the emotion that makes it easier for us to see the entire forest and not just the trees when a problem arises. Our chances of finding a solution will therefore increase.


Interest is a higher emotion that inspires discovery and research. Thanks to interest, we have the desire and motivation to learn and develop our knowledge, qualities and abilities.


When we fall in love, a biological reaction occurs in our body. It increases oxytocin and progesterone levels. The consequence occurs immediately. It increases our sense of well-being and reduces stress levels. In this way, it improves our health and our quality of life.

Positive emotions create a beautiful relationship between people

Finally, we can say that this research supports a change in the focus on emotions. Because now we understand emotions, feelings and emotional states in a different way. It is not so much a matter of blocking our negative emotions, but rather of enhancing our positive feelings. After all, those positive emotions will neutralize the negative ones. This new point of view actually encourages us to value all our emotions equally, regardless of the power they generate. Negative emotions have an undeniable value because they are able to help us adapt to different situations. And positive emotions have a transcendent and far-reaching purpose. It goes far beyond the pleasant sensations they provide us.

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