The Demon Of Envy

The Demon of Envy

Human relationships would be a lot healthier if before we repeat or say something, we first had to go through the standards of truth, kindness, and necessity. It can be difficult for us to apply these three principles to gossip, as people are quite capable of controlling their urge to criticize. What’s behind all this? The darkness of envy and its terrifying cave.

Envy is the most deadly virus I know; it ruins relationships and destroys sensations, emotions and people. It’s a real danger to me, simply because we could all fall into its clutches. It has already spread all over the world.

Behind the curse of envy, the negative language, the gossip, hides a terrible demon that has no pity for us at all: namely, a lack of self-confidence and self-love. Envy tempts us to compare ourselves to others.

It is well known that any kind of comparison is harmful because it causes us to fixate on our shortcomings and our frustrations. Envy demonizes achieving our dreams and prevents us from seeing what we already have.

In addition, envy reveals the darkest and most sinister side of people. This is not only a lack of self-love, but also a condemnation of others. It is easier to turn frustration into judgments and criticism than to recognize our own inferiority complex.


Often we also underestimate the burden we cause to those we envy. When others envy you, it can cause real suffering. You get removed from your reality and it makes you suspicious.

At times, people envied by others can no longer know who their real friends are and who their enemies are, because they don’t know who to trust. They will even begin to doubt whether their success really belongs to them or whether they are truly ungrateful, as is said by the people who gossip about them. Their personal victories and achievements become a continual chain of insecurities and hardships.

I’m sure we’ll never be able to completely eradicate envy, but we can soften it. From the outset, we must filter our thoughts and actions according to the principles we have covered in this article (truth, kindness, and necessity). We must work on our own feelings of love and identity and we must develop an inner self that is not constantly maliciously focused on the successes and failures of others. We must turn our envy into motivation to pursue goals that we still have to achieve.

Indeed, to overcome the damage caused by being envied, certain experiences are required. After all, when building a house, you can’t start with the roof. We know that some things call for comparison and that our greatness can easily shine a light on the shortcomings of others and vice versa.

So when we are aware of this, we have to teach ourselves to enjoy our virtues in a different way: by showing others what they can achieve, so that they are entertained in achieving their goals and we can give them a helping hand. offer. Greed and envy can destroy us, but admiration keeps us going.

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