The Curious Dog: A Beautiful Story About Self-reflection

The curious dog: a beautiful story about self-reflection

The story of the curious dog is all about self-reflection. It begins in a wooded distant place. There in the depths of the forest was an abandoned house. This house looked like it hadn’t been inhabited in years. The dog saw the house but it frightened him. So he kept his distance because he was afraid to find something he didn’t like.

But the dog was curious. The next day he returned and got a little closer to the house. But he did not dare to enter. However, the sun began to shine brighter and the temperature became unbearable. The dog needed a place to protect itself from the hot rays of the sun.

After a slight hesitation, he decided to enter the house. The place was completely deserted. “Hello,” said the dog. But no one answered. There was a staircase in one of the corners. He decided to come closer. But it didn’t seem like anyone was there. So he began to climb the stairs very carefully. Here the story of the curious dog takes a very surprising turn…

The curious dog has an unexpected encounter

When the dog reached the top of the stairs, he saw a large living space. To his surprise, he saw hundreds of dogs just like him! And they all seemed to be waiting for him.

An unexpected encounter

The curious little dog was so happy. The other dogs seemed very friendly. That gave him enough confidence to lift his paw and greet them. Everyone immediately greeted him. The little dog barked kindly and the other dogs did the same. “What a nice place!” thought the curious little dog. “I’ll be back whenever I can!”

The days passed. At that moment, another dog also came over. This dog was different. He was much more anxious and wary. He went through the same process as the first dog. When he saw the house, he didn’t want to get any closer. He was too scared and kept his distance.

Same place, different meeting

The second dog saw that there were many nice places in the area. So he decided to go back but always kept his distance from the abandoned house. One day, however, there was a heavy downpour. So he had no choice and had to enter the house.

The curious dog meets someone

Like the first dog, he dug a hole to get in. Once inside, he examined everything very carefully. He could see the stairs in the background, but he didn’t get any closer. Time passed and he got cold. He thought he might get warmer if he went to the second floor. He gathered his courage and went upstairs.

The dog reached the top of the stairs and saw the same great hall. He sniffed around. It seemed like the place was uninhabited. But then he also found hundreds of dogs just like him. Immediately he prepared for the attack and the other dogs did the same. He barked aggressively and so did the other dogs! The dog left the house as quickly as he could. He told himself he would never go back and thought “What a terrible place!”

He left the house so quickly he didn’t even notice the old mark on the floor. The sign said ‘House of Mirrors’. Neither the first dog nor the second dog had realized that all they had seen was their own reflection.

The moral of the story: self-reflection

The story of the curious dog shows us a truth that we often overlook. What we see in others is actually a reflection of ourselves. In fact, we get back from others what we give. Anyone who treats the world in a kind way receives kindness. And anyone who does it aggressively will get aggressive. The story tries to teach us the importance of self-reflection.

Human beings are naturally endowed with a tremendous social sense. We are born to live in groups. It is part of our biological and cultural makeup. We can be selfish. But on the horizon of all of us, there is always the group.

The rest of the group is a fundamental reference point. They act like a ‘house of mirrors’. What we see in them has a lot to do with what we see in ourselves, just like in the story of the curious doggy.

The moral of the story

When we have a hard time with the world, we have to question ourselves and not the world. Is it the world going wrong? Or maybe we are the ones who deal with the world in a not very positive way? The story of the curious doggy makes us wonder if it’s not time for some positive self-reflection.

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