That You Never Run Out Of Thread To Embroider Your Dreams

That you never run out of thread to embroider your dreams

Maturity has taught me what my priorities are. Now I can pick up the threads of my life with more courage and integrity. Because this time I’m going to use colored threads to weave a reality that is so much stronger, more dignified and more colorful. One that reflects my dreams.

Often, and without there being a certain age for it, at some point a time comes when we make use of the ‘vital tissue’ that we have built up until then. Suddenly  we realize that there is a deep-seated problem. Between who we are and what we do:  we don’t do anything we like and none of this brings us happiness.

Our life paths sometimes form intricate labyrinths of frustrations, fears and mental blocks. And we can sometimes get stuck in this permanently. We lose those colorful threads that embroidered our dreams and wishes in the past. That is the moment when uncertainty appears and therefore also the fear that can consume you.

Is this the life that will always be waiting for me? Have I already let all the trains full of possibilities pass me by?

To dream

The Senoi: the translators of dreams

The Senoi are a Malaysian tribe that has always been incredibly interesting to anthropologists, psychologists and sociologists. One of the customs that this tribe has maintained since the Middle Ages is that they gather as a family every morning to talk about the dreams and nightmares they had that night.  

This custom is not seen as a magical or spiritual ritual, but rather serves to try to understand the needs of each family member from their dreams. In order to properly analyze the dream that each family member recounts, they often climb into huts made of bamboo in order to be away from the ground. Away from the ‘ physical world’.

The great thing about this habit is that, according to the studies conducted by several experts, the Senoi are an incredibly happy, social group. These purging gatherings enable these people to “pick up again” the threads of their reality  in order to get  to know themselves better. In this city there is no violence and no one suffers from mental disorders.

To dream

It will undoubtedly interest you to know what techniques the Senoi use to face the fears that often recur in their dreams. If you’d like to learn more about this, there are plenty of interesting books to consult, such as Senoi Dream Therapy: Myth, Scientific Method, and the Dreamwork  by psychologist William Domhoff.

Nevertheless, we also give a few brief examples of their coping strategies:

  • Any threat that occurs in a dream or nightmare is a reality that we should recognize and maintain.
  • Our dreams and goals can be found behind that ‘ monster’  or that hazy ‘ shadow’  in our dreams. You have to figure out how to beat them in order to find new paths.
  • If you dream that you are falling down a mountain or through a hole, these images are associated with fear. You should visualize for two days that at the bottom of each fall, a soft and well-tended flower field awaits you.
  • Another advice from the Senoi is this:  When we dream and are aware of it (lucid dreaming), we should strive to make friends, to create affection.

Restoring the threads with which our dreams are embroidered

We are often overwhelmed with insecurity and a sense of unease about what we want to be and what we are right now. At these times there is only one option: change. It is not about making sudden changes, because ‘vital tsunamis’ do not always guarantee success.

It’s more about allowing yourself to flow as you give small changes, new routes, new people, new thoughts the space they need. All this suddenly offers new colors of threads with which we can embroider these dreams. Dreams we had in the past, which, for whatever reason, we had put on the back burner.

To dream

Steps to initiate change and achieve your personal goals

In order to set in motion a change, however small, we are forced to accept that we will experience a moment of crisis.  These are the threads that resist. They persist and they are burned into our skin, thus holding us back from taking the steps we need to take.

  • Do not be afraid of the pain that arises after detachment. There are some wires that need to be cut because they can’t bear as much weight anymore. We have to let them go to find other, much more beautiful threads to embroider our dreams with. Better projects.
  • Be aware of your intuition. This dimension that connects us directly to our emotions and that subconscious that the Senoi interpreted so well. It whispers truths that we don’t always listen to.
  • We should have a clear idea of ​​what we want for ourselves. If you want peace, ignore the people who hurt you. If you want love, start by loving yourself. Work on your confidence if recognition is what you want. And if you want freedom, look for the keys to the chain that chains you.

The threads that embroider our dreams are waiting for us, right now and in every corner. They wait in the laughter of the people we know and even the strangers we meet. Because believe it or not, there are still many platforms that receive trains with our names on them. And because it’s never a good idea to be convinced by narrow-minded thinkers who tell us that our dreams are too big.

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