Strength Is Freeing Yourself

Strength is freeing yourself

How much weight is on your shoulders? How many worries are taking up space in your head? In life, the only things of value are the essentials: love for yourself, love for others, and feelings offered respectfully and without self-interest. Everything else is a burden that makes us prisoners in a life too short for the daily suffering…

We know it’s not easy. That we often repeat to ourselves: “Leave everything behind and do what you really want.” But how can you do such a thing? Doing something like this would be little more than a dramatic act of detaching ourselves from too many things, even people.

As with everything in life it is necessary to maintain a healthy balance. Each of us has absolutely minimal things that we can’t live without: our families, our children, our jobs that provide the means to pay for our homes and food. We can’t just break free and hit the reset button at any time  when we feel like we’re overloaded. However, within these fundamental pillars there are things that we can change and even free ourselves from.

You need to stop putting others before yourself all the time. You should value your emotions and good memories more than your worries and pressures. And if there is someone within your world who is harmful and toxic to your life, then you must cut ties with him or her.

For our health, for our personal balance, today we think about  true power.

When we become prisoners of unhappiness

If we look up “power” in the dictionary, we will find several definitions that make us think. First, we have the concept of “strength and power.”

We will also find the image of a “fortified group of buildings, such as a castle or a fortress.” But at the same time we will also read that a “fundamental virtue that consists in overcoming fear and fleeing recklessness” is. This is what we should think about for a moment.


Often when we meet someone and ask them,  “How are you?” he will tell us that he has a boss who doesn’t treat him well, he barely has time for his children, his partner has become demanding and selfish and that he can barely look at himself in the mirror.

Worried, we can say little more than, “Be careful,”  as we read many more things on his face than he has said in words. And indeed we also see him as a strong person, because he faces each day with courage and gives everything he has for other people. However, there will probably come a time where he will eventually fail.

And perhaps the fall will not be physical, but will be emotional: discontent, feeling stuck, with no opportunities for personal growth. They are people who give everything for others, who love sincerely, but who receive nothing in return. Life drags them down without giving them a breath of simple happiness.

Back to the dictionary definition of strength as a virtue that consists of overcoming fear and fleeing from recklessness. We can add to this and say that people are not strong just because they escape their fears or overcome them. Being strong also means making yourself a priority and knowing how to own your life and let go of what harms you or prevents you from moving forward with integrity and balance.


How to be strong in your daily life

To be strong is to wake up every morning to something meaningful, something that gives you hope every morning from the moment you step out of bed and onto the floor. Even if it doesn’t seem like it, the world is full of inanimate people wandering around us with no purpose, hope, or anything to do. Giving ourselves hope is vital because it gives us strength and wholeness.

Power is not synonymous with power, which means controlling or dominating others. To be strong is to enjoy our freedom and avoid toxic people who harm us and prevent us from growing.

Being strong is also saying “no” to the people who always put themselves before others,  to those who see only their own universe without sensing the suffering of others or the emotional emptiness behind their attitude.

You will be strong if you dare to free yourself from that which prevents you from being happy; be it people, things, situations or even thoughts. For it is not always things outside of ourselves that harm us; sometimes our own attitude can lead us to build walls.


Break free from everything that holds you back, from everything that suffocates you and hurts your heart. You are the protagonist of your fleeting life. So love with strength those who deserve it and cultivate strength that gives wings to your dreams and roots to your values.

–Images courtesy of Lucy Campbell, Amanda Cass–

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