Steven Pinker: The Father Of Evolutionary Psychology

Steven Pinker is a versatile figure who has made a number of significant contributions to both psychology and linguistics. This has brought him recognition as the father of evolutionary psychology.
Steven Pinker: the father of evolutionary psychology

Steven Pinker was born in 1954 in Montreal. He is considered the father of evolutionary psychology, but he is also an important scientist, linguist and writer.

He has made a number of important contributions to children’s perception and language development. For all these reasons, we want to tell you a little more about Steven Pinker’s life and some of his most interesting books.

Life Steven Pinker

Steven Pinker was born into a Jewish family. His father was a lawyer and his mother was a high school counselor and vice principal. His sister is a child psychologist and journalist and his brother is a political analyst.

In 1979 Steven Pinker received his PhD in Experimental Psychology from Harvard University. From there, he landed a job as a researcher and professor at Stanford University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Steven Pinker has been married three times. His first wife was the clinical psychologist Nancy Etcoff. He then married cognitive psychologist Illavenin Subbiah. He is currently married to philosophy professor Rebecca Goldstein.

From 1994 to 1999, Pinker was co-director of the Center for Cognitive Neurology. He currently works as a professor at Harvard and continues to research and write. He also participates in many debates and conferences on science and humanity.

The brain lit up in an open hand

Contributions and publications

At the beginning of his professional career, Steven Pinker focused on researching language and language development in his son. He wanted to support Chomsky’s theory that language is a formal, universal and innate mechanism, neither pragmatic nor semantic at all.

While he agreed with Chomsky that language was innate, Pinker believed it relied on cognitive processes such as memorizing words and learning to apply grammatical rules.

One of his best books is The Language Instinct. There is another book worth mentioning, the English Words and Rules: The ingredients of language .

In addition to his interest in linguistics, Steven Pinker studies human behavior. One of his most famous books is called The Better Angels of Our Nature . He has also devoted much attention to theories about the human mind. His major books there are ” How the Human Mind Works” and ” The Blank Slate .”

That’s not all. Pinker has also written many essays on language and the mind. Some big ones are “ The rules of language, ” “ Language as an adaptation to the cognitive niche ” and “ So how does the mind work. They are all fascinating and important articles worth reading.

Steven Pinker: An Influential Person

The things Pinker has done have not gone unnoticed. In 2004, the famous Time magazine named him one of the 100 most influential people in the world. The magazines Prospect and Foreign Policy also named him one of the 100 most important intellectuals in the world in 2005.

We cannot ignore the fact that Steven Pinker has also received no fewer than nine honorary degrees from various universities. He is also the current chairman of the Usage Panel for the American Heritage Dictionary and writes articles for renowned journals such as The New York Times, Time and The Atlantic.

Basically, Steven Pinker studies the human mind, language and behavior. The articles he writes are fascinating and very topical. If he sounds interesting, we definitely encourage you to read some of his work!

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