Sometimes You Have To Close Your Eyes To Really See

Sometimes you have to close your eyes to really see

Sometimes to see you have to close your eyes and open your heart. Only then will you be able to find out what really matters, what really matters. When you open your inner eyes and satisfy your soul, your horizons expand and new possibilities open up.

According to neurologists, an average of 50,000 thoughts go through our head every day. However, most of these thoughts are mechanical and repetitive. As a result of the large amount of information we receive from new technologies and the high expectations of our environment, we become more and more mentally exhausted. We are so overwhelmed by the outside world that we have completely neglected our own inner world.

Sometimes we get caught up in obsessive and debilitating mindsets, to the point where we ignore our priorities and stop listening to ourselves. We have focused our gaze on the world around us to such an extent that we have become completely emotionally short-sighted, as if we needed glasses to find happiness.

Close Eyes Real See

When the eyes have had enough to see

Believe it or not, the mind is very used to inner conflict. This is because our brains have to constantly adapt to the new situations and stimuli they are exposed to. Pressure at work, family problems, your own aspirations, social relationships. There are always issues to resolve, nerves to calm down, empty spaces to fill, and fires to put out.

The mental murmur all these issues cause can sometimes become relentless and irreconcilable. This is when stress begins to leave its mark on the brain, where the eyes simply lose focus. They forget to look inward, to our own conscience, to find out what is really important.

It is interesting to know that the amygdala, the part of the brain associated with fear and emotions, begins to shrink when you experience stress or anxiety for a long time. This change in brain structure directly affects the prefrontal cortex, which is linked to brain functions such as awareness, concentration, and decision-making.

Close Eyes Real See

This means that when we go through difficult times when worry, stress and annoying mental murmurs predominate, it is very difficult for us to get in touch with ourselves. We break the invisible connection between ourselves and our own conscience because of the small change in our brain structure.

However, don’t forget how powerful neuroplasticity is, or the brain’s subtle ability to restructure itself. Thanks to things like meditation, mindfulness, and other strategies, we can turn our eyes back inward, to our inner self.   

A grateful mind is a rested mind

A grateful mind is a rested mind that allows you to see what really matters. This sentence may seem a little too poetic or not fit well within the context of this article. How can you be thankful for something when you are so dissatisfied, heartbroken, or sad? The first logical step is to free yourself from all your inner conflicts.

Once you’ve put an end to all those emotional battles, you’ll feel the clear energy you need to free yourself from external impediments.

Everyone wants to be happy without pain, experience calm in the storm and cherish positive feelings without resentment. However, it is important to understand one essential point: you will never be able to see a rainbow without first seeing the rain.

Close Eyes Real See

Close your eyes so you can see

The first step is to learn how to control your thoughts. Remember that your thoughts directly affect your emotions and the way you perceive reality. Practice the following:

  • Close your eyes and avoid thoughts that begin with the conditional: ‘if I had been there’, ‘if I had done this or that’, ‘if he tells me he loves me , will I be happy’, ‘if I have that I will feel better myself’ etc.
  • With your eyes still closed, you promise yourself that from now on you will only communicate with yourself in the present tense: ‘I want’, ‘I can’, ‘I go’ etc.
  • To close your eyes and see what’s really important in your life, you can’t keep your mind empty. This is not only impossible, but also completely useless. Feed your mind with positive, inspiring and beneficial thoughts.
  • Think and reflect positively. Thinking this way will not make you blind to reality or truth. Rather, it has to do with revitalizing your mind and soul to become more confident and to break the flow of negative or limiting thoughts.

Give it a try. Dare to close your eyes so that you can see, to kindle the light in your heart and meet the needs that you have neglected, as if they were a toy.

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