Simplifying The Present With These 3 Questions

Simplify the present with these 3 questions

“Enjoy the moment!” you sometimes hear people say. However, we often do not follow this advice. In order to live in the present, we need to think about our existence  on both a personal and professional level. Few people do this. For this we have to simplify the present.

Simplifying the present

Often this is not as easy as it seems.  Sometimes we are short of time or we are stressed. We throw the cap on healthy habits where we take good care of ourselves. As a result, we can no longer enjoy the moment. We forget how important it is to ask ourselves how we feel and how we can get more out of life. The answers to these questions allow us to develop ourselves and evaluate our personal growth in a more effective way.

Anthony Robbins, one of the most famous life coaches in the world, said: “ The quality of your life is partly based on the quality of the questions you ask yourself every day. ”  That’s why it’s thinking about what we experience, about how we can enjoy the here and now more. For that we have to simplify the present.

To take advantage of our internal well-being, we must — as mentioned — simplify the present. In addition, we must be sure that the path we take for this leads us to a favorable environment. This one should be filled with enriching people. Meanwhile, it should also enable us to become better versions of ourselves and get what our hearts desire. To do that, you need to ask yourself three questions.

Simplifying the present

Why are you bothering right now?

It’s true that not everyone actually makes an effort to achieve a goal or simply to feel better. Instead, they let the time pass while subconsciously complaining about the lack of progress. If you recognize yourself in this, identify what you put your energy into each day, keeping your personal goals in mind.

Simplifying the present is only possible by taking these two aspects into account. It is not enough to have a goal for which you are not going to make an effort. There is no point in putting energy into something without knowing what you are actually doing it for. Most don’t stop there at all. If you’ve ever asked the people around you why they have a routine and why they are stressed (in spite of it), they must have told you that they simply “just” did what was expected of them.

Asking ourselves why we are making an effort will show us that we are often stressed about things we  don’t already have. We forget what we do have. The answer to this question may lead you to believe that you will never feel good or happy unless you have everything you think you need. However, the opposite is true. When you put effort into achieving your goal, you will see your well-being improve almost immediately.

Simplifying the present requires us to be aware of why we are making an effort here and now and where we are headed.

What’s holding you back and what can’t you let go?

Clinging to something or someone is a habit that one has from childhood. Often it doesn’t matter whether this works to our disadvantage. We engage in activities and unhealthy habits that we simply cannot let go of.

We know the influence that some “toxic” people have on our self-esteem, beliefs, and feelings. These bad influences harm us in ways that we ironically can’t part with.

The present simplify and enjoy more is only possible through good think about where  ji j you cling to at this time. What can’t you let go? When you find out the answer to that, you will realize that your problems are often completely unavoidable.

Simplifying the present consists of letting go of everything that distracts you from the here and now.

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Who do you want to spend more time with?

One of the most popular quotes related to personal development is,  “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.” However, most of us have not consciously chosen the people we associate with the most. So think about who you want to see more often. By acting accordingly, you can enjoy the here and now much more.

To achieve that,  try visualizing the people who make the greatest contribution to your life. How can you prioritize their company? While changing your habits may not suit you right now, we encourage you to try it anyway. By limiting activities that contribute nothing in your life, you will find it possible to dedicate more time to the above people. Take care of the people who add value to your life and set aside some time each week to spend with them.

In addition, appreciate what others in your social circle can give you. Don’t spend time with those who don’t appreciate your company. Simplifying the present becomes achievable by staying with people who are truly worth it. Dedicate yourself to letting go of all others who don’t belong and thank them for the role they have played in your life.

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