Self-serving Good Deeds Are For The Crafty

Good deeds of self-interest are for the crafty

Sincere kindness is less common than kindness shown out of self-interest. This last type of kindness, which we often don’t notice until it’s too late, has more to do with craftiness or selfishness than with generosity, solidarity, or devotion.

Doing good is not the same as being cunning and yet we sometimes confuse the two. Sometimes kindness is nothing more than hidden cunning and can fool us. In addition, it can disappoint us and ultimately cause a lot of grief. We created expectations of the other person that were not realistic at all.

The touch of selfishness of the one who does good out of self-interest


When someone helps us, we like to think that they do it because they genuinely care about what we need. However, if we discover that the motivation for the act is purely self-interested, we tend to immediately take the value we assigned that person back from him, even if the benefit the act provided remains unchanged.

The damage occurs because we discover the real motivation behind the so-called act of kindness. If the deep core of the act is self-interest, then the person is probably doing something for us only because it gives him a personal advantage and not because he shows solidarity.

There is a certain touch of selfishness in those who are crafty. Their own goals are always the center of what they are doing. In fact, this is so much the case that the potential altruism and concern for the other person always remains in the background.

Altruism: Inside the Essence of Good

The altruistic person dedicates himself to others, is interested in others and, above all else, shows solidarity and devotion. This is because one who is altruistic always strives to carry out his actions in such a way that he does not hurt anyone. Altruism constantly seeks a benefit for others, without considering what might be received in return. It’s doing good without expecting anything in return.


Be kind, not cunning

We can define this form of genuinely interested help as the dexterous ability to achieve any goal. In other words,  self-interest is not a bad thing, because it motivates us. However, it is bad to use this move to manipulate and abuse others.

A nice person is kind to the people he needs and also to the people he doesn’t need. He does favors to those to whom he is indebted and also to those to whom he is not indebted. And he gives up his spot in line to someone in a hurry, not because he wants to flirt with them, but just out of kindness.

Finally, and above all else, we must remember that by doing acts of kindness voluntarily and without self-interest, we convey values ​​of empathy and humanity.

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