Self-righteous People Rarely Reach The Top

Reaching the top seldom succeeds self-righteous people

When we say, “reach the top,” we don’t mean that you are better than others on the basis of superficial aspects. It has nothing to do with whether you are a physically attractive person. Nor are we saying that people who reach the top are the most successful professionally.

Reaching the top means much more than that. It means achieving deep, authentic mental health. Being happy means that you have reached the top. Enjoying life and having fun with it is the most precious thing we can hope for.

Making ourselves less important goes hand in hand with unconditional acceptance. When we shrink our ego and remember that we are just simple people, we will feel less pressure to pretend or hide behind a suit of armor.

If we look closely, we will see that authentic people are the ones we truly value and admire. They accept themselves and they know who they are. They try to improve, but they don’t say they can’t be themselves.

Rather, they find positive values ​​in the person they are. When we make ourselves psychologically vulnerable to the world, when we lower our ego and love ourselves as we are, then we succeed in really reaching the top.

Reaching the top without depending on the outside world

When we value people based on what they have or what they have achieved, we are making a big mistake. And we make the same mistake when we base our own value on these properties. If we don’t accept ourselves as we are, it will cause us a lot of pain.

Woman balancing blindfolded on the back of a chair

External factors cannot add value to a person. Let’s give a crazy example, a fruit basket is worth as much as it is filled with fruit that has imperfections. In other words, we cannot base our personal worth on a single action or aspect.

If you believe that there are really bad people in the world, then you are wrong. There are people who are wrong, or who are sick, or who have not learned to act in a different way. If you would think about it for a moment, you would realize that inside each of these people is a child who just wants to run, laugh and enjoy life.

And since every human being has this incredible ability, we are all worth the same. Neither race, nor gender, nor intelligence, nor money make any difference.

Visualize losing your smugness

We have to visualize ourselves without all those things that supposedly make us valuable. In this way we can free ourselves from the pressure that comes when we think we must have certain qualities. Or that we should behave a certain way or have certain things. They are like clothes that disappear when you are naked.

For example, if I am someone who thinks that a beautiful body will make me more valuable, I should imagine myself without my beautiful body. I have to visualize myself as an unattractive, but extremely happy person. After all, good looks are not necessary to enjoy life.

We can do the same with other external features. Some examples are intelligence or success. If we can see ourselves as happy but unintelligent or unsuccessful people, we will be less dependent on the “clothes” we hide behind. We can be less strict with ourselves and more flexible with our imperfections. After all, these imperfections can be found in every body and every soul.


Girl looking out over the horizon

We will be happy regardless of the things we own. We will be at peace with ourselves and our environment because we don’t feel the need to create a certain image that others can accept. Paradoxically, that’s when others will really accept us.

So the key to health and happiness is to rid ourselves of our complacency. We must tell ourselves that we are valuable beings, but that this does not mean that we should be complacent.

It may sound contradictory, but that’s the way it is. Tell yourself that you are great, but also missable at the same time. This attitude offers us a mental break. We have nothing to prove; we just love ourselves for who we are. 

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