Princess Fiona Is Her Own Heroine

Princess Fiona is her own heroine

Shrek is a series of animated films that started in 2001 with a film of the same name. These films were made by Dreamworks Animation and were based on William Steig’s book. Ultimately, Shrek became an international blockbuster. Princess Fiona is one of the main characters of this symbolic and beloved film series. Fiona is an example of dedication and courage. The film series portrays her as an unconventional heroine, her own heroine.

So far, the Shrek film series consists of four films that stick to the main storyline. These are Shrek (2001), Shrek 2 (2004), Shrek the Third (2007) and Shrek: Forever After (2010). Its creators have also produced several Christmas specials and of course the movie Puss in Boots .

At the beginning of the story we meet Shrek. He is a grumpy and irritable bogeyman who lives in a swamp. His swamp is his refuge and he lives there all alone. One day, however, the king decides to move all the fairytale characters to Shrek’s swamp. That’s when Shrek is forced to embark on a journey to rescue Princess Fiona. His companion on this journey is Donkey, an extremely talkative animal.

Shrek is Princess Fiona's lover

An unusual princess

Princess Fiona is a beautiful young woman trapped in a tower guarded by a terrible dragon. No one knows why her parents decided to banish her to the tower as a child. According to legend, only a brave knight on a noble steed will be able to save her.

Fiona, however, is guarding a terrible secret. She is the victim of a curse. Every night she turns into an ogre, or rather booby woman , and at dawn she turns back into a human again. As in so many princess stories, only the kiss of her true love can break the curse. Fiona knows that the knight who will come to rescue her will be able to break the curse. That’s why she’s so disappointed when she sees that Shrek and Donkey are the ones who come to her tower to save her. After all, he’s an ugly ogre.

The true love between a bogeyman and a bogeyman

Despite the fact that they seem very different, Fiona and Shrek actually have a lot in common. As the story progresses, Fiona realizes that Shrek is her one true love. At the end of the first film, Fiona and Shrek confess their love to each other. Then Fiona decides to live in the swamp with the love of her life, a bogeyman.

In the following films, the makers explore this dichotomy between the lives of Princess Fiona and Shrek. While Fiona grew up with great wealth, Shrek has always led a frugal life.

Although the films focus on Shrek, it is important to understand that Fiona is an incredibly brave woman. In fact, she is her own heroine. She is the one who decides where her life is going. For example, she refuses to marry Prince Charming or King Farquad. Moreover, she herself decides to live in a swamp, when she could live in a castle. Fiona gives up privileges in favor of her own happiness and independence.

Princess Fiona in Forever After

The movie that best shows that Princess Fiona is her own heroine, the queen of her own destiny, is probably Forever After . In this film, the couple is older for the first time. And because Shrek is tired of the routine, he casts a spell to change the past.

In this new reality, Shrek is never born. As a result, he never saved Princess Fiona either. However, Shrek becomes desperate and tries to find Fiona. Finally, he finds her in the middle of the forest, but she is not the same person he met the first time. She is the leader of an evil rebellion of bogeymen who oppose the evil King Rumpelstiltskin.

Fiona, ignoring the curse that also tormented her in this past, was able to transcend her limits. She managed to free herself from the dragon and escape from the tower. In addition, she was able to muster a huge army of bogeymen to dethrone the king. Fiona doesn’t need a knight on a white horse to change her destiny. She is her own heroine and can save herself.

A proud princess Fiona who is her own heroine

Independent woman, hopelessly in love?

However, for all her achievements, Princess Fiona is still a victim of her curse. The only way to break this curse is to find her true love and kiss him. However , in this parallel reality , Fiona never falls in love with anyone. In her attempt to be independent, she denies love.

Many women today believe that it will limit them from loving someone else. They think that love will limit their freedom and independence. However, loving and being loved need not be limiting at all. Love makes two people a team and you can achieve so much more as a team.

Become your own heroine

Women have to challenge their own limits. Just like Princess Fiona. Don’t sit around waiting for your Prince Charming to come and rescue you. Every woman has the ability to be her own heroine.

At the same time, all women should understand that loving does not make them less brave or independent. The bonds of affection make you stronger. After all, in a relationship, you have the support of another person to achieve your goals. 

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