Poetry: A First Aid Kit For The Soul

Poetry: a first aid kit for the soul

Poetry: the medicine for the soul. It is a comfort, a refuge of peace and a way to not feel alone in the world.

Throughout history, many people have written words that we can identify with. And this is priceless; universal feelings will always be in fashion.

Through poetry  we can release our emotions if we are the ones writing it or we can touch the soul of the person reading it, which can serve to help them.

We can all have our own poetry first-aid kit full of our favorite poems. Poems that we can identify with and that we can read when alone with a cup of tea or while looking at the sea.

Here we offer you some first aid in the form of poetry:

Never lose hope, you can always start over

There are always bumps in the road, not just for you, but for everyone. Of course there will be times when you will feel weak and you will have sad days… but always remember that something bad never lasts a hundred years.

Every difficulty, every adversity is an opportunity to keep growing.

We shouldn’t hide out of fear

Sitting on the couch for fear of living, discovering, experiencing disappointment… If we do that, we will have a life without suffering, but we will also lose the many wonderful things that happen in the process.

Get out and discover everything that awaits you on the long path of life.

Life Path

Above all we should try to be happy

It’s true, we should be happy above all else. Or at least we should try…  when the storm comes, we should confront it with integrity and strength, the inner strength that helps and protects us. But when the storm passes, we should try to be happy, happy with the little things.

Enjoy, feel, laugh…  it would be a shame if you regret the years gone by, thinking you could have been much happier.

Simply trading the people who never supported you for people who make you happy, taking the reins of your life at some point,  and changing situations you don’t like can make you happier.

Happiness is also an attitude towards life!

Love can hurt sometimes

Heartbreak is difficult to explain, although there are many great poems that express our feelings in a way that is unparalleled.

So if your heart is broken, read a poem and you will no longer feel alone, as if a lot of people went through the same thing. You will certainly feel reassured and comforted.

Don’t hold on to the past

Is it possible to pack more truth into so few words? It’s true, we shouldn’t cling to the past. The past is the past. Don’t get yourself into a spiral of negative thoughts. Work on your emotional intelligence.

Let’s focus on the present and make the most of every moment of every day!

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