Life Without Living Is No Life

Life without living is no life

Life is much simpler than we think, but the society we live in puts pressure on us and encourages us every day to “succeed”, to “get more”, to compete with others every day and thus ensures that we always want to be “the best”, or “the one who has the most”. We have created a world so artificial that we suffer from stress, anxiety and psychosomatic disorders because of the absurd idea of ​​competition, pride and ego.

A person is really nothing more than an animal. What sets us apart from other creatures is the ability to reason in a complicated situation, but it is true that  our irrational thoughts often win and we do things that don’t make sense  or that go against our own interests.

One of these things is the experience of losing almost all the things we are attached to. That is, we live, the world is at our feet to use as we please. But instead we become obsessed with goals, with being better than anyone else, with producing more, more, more over and over again.

Ultimately  , this depletes our resources, preventing us from enjoying activities. It creates too much distraction, artificial ropes that tie us down and make us move like puppets. This is not life, of course, and it would be good for us not to fall into this trap.

The problem is that it’s hard not to be fooled by society and even more so when we feel that desire for success and triumph that is so prevalent today.

Do you want to succeed?

You must not succeed, you must live. No one sends us out into the world to triumph and to make others applaud. That’s just between the ears. We are here to be happy, to interact with and enjoy our environment. Success is not a necessity for people and those who believe that will only end up giving themselves an ulcer.

Running in the Sea

You will think this is easier said than done, as we have to work long hours and perform to a high standard to live with dignity. That’s true, but the problem is that there are limits that we unnecessarily often cross, against our physical and mental well-being.

We need to be clear about what our real desires are. These are really just food, drink, a roof over our heads, exercise and not much more. The rest is not necessary, they are desires. Sincere desires and there is nothing wrong with that, you can fight for them and try to fulfill them. However, don’t let them fall into the same category as the things necessary to live and be happy. They’re just extras.

If I magically turn desires into necessity, I will eventually fight for them as if they were my life. As if I couldn’t function or survive without those things. And this isn’t right. Trying to live better, with the biggest house, the most modern telephone, the most powerful car, I will eventually lose the essence of life. None of that will make us happy, because external things are not important.

We invented our desires

In sales there is something called “sheep factor”. It’s that ad that tells the potential buyer that the neighbors already have the product and the whole neighborhood admires them for it. This way, because we don’t want to be “less”, we will probably buy it even though we don’t need it.

In the end, a spiral develops: I think and believe that I have to achieve something, buy something, do something, and I become obsessed with the idea of ​​getting it done anyway. I struggle to get it, I can’t enjoy it because I’m so stressed. Now I have it, but it’s not enough and I must have something better. And so it goes on.


I’ve lost the pleasure in the little things, the act of just living, of being in the world. I’ve become obsessed with something I don’t need, thinking it would make me happy, and that’s exactly what I was missing: I’m not happy.

When this is clear, we are liberated. When you need little, you feel more complete and happier. We can enjoy everything around us more and be grateful for what we have, which is certainly not bad. Changing our minds about our desires in the spirit of desires and preferences will free us from the obsessions and fears  and it will make us discover the art of living.

Make sure that life does not pass you by while you are busy making money, because life is not a life without living.

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