Life Is Measured In Emotions, Not Hours

Your personal story is written in the ink of every emotion you felt, every fear you conquered and every moment of happiness that left an indelible mark on your heart and mind. In the end, life isn’t about the number of years you’ve lived, but the emotions and sensations you’ve experienced.
Life is measured in emotions, not hours

Life is measured in emotions, those moments when intense psychophysiological reactions give a spark of true meaning to our existence. Joy, happiness, surprise, fear, sadness, wonder, longing. They all determine, whether positive or negative, who we are. They influence our behavior and give meaning to everything we do.

Writer and activist Helen Keller once said that we  cannot see or touch the most beautiful things in this world, but we feel them with the heart. She knew this all too well. As a deafblind person, she learned to experience and understand her reality through the latent and invisible forces that many of us overlook: sensations, connections, and feelings.

It is often said that we humans are social beings. Our brains are rational organs, a mass of cells and interconnected tissues that determine our thoughts, decisions and behavior. However, the reality is that humans are also highly emotional beings. Often the only language our brains understand is that of emotions.

This property makes us truly extraordinary, but also incredibly complex. Understanding life from this angle can help us gain more control over it and enjoy it with greater intensity.

Life is measured in emotions

Life is measured in emotions

Times of joy, days of peace and moments of sadness, everything is measured in emotions. Emotions guide our daily lives in an infinite number of ways.

These emotions affect how we feel physically, causing our hearts to beat faster when we fall in love, or that knot in our stomach during times of great stress. At the same time, they also influence the way we think and act in different situations.

Life is measured in emotions. They form the complex score that provides the music in our lives. Understanding the importance of these psychophysiological responses is key to our well-being. Greater awareness of your emotions and control over your emotions will have an impact on your happiness in the long run. Let’s take a closer look at this idea.

Our emotions tell us who we are and how our lives have affected us

Unfortunately, our lives are not just woven with the threads of happiness. In the unique fabric of our existence we also find the colors of mourning, loss and grief. But it is in this intricate pattern of colors and contrasts that the authentic beauty and power of life is housed.

Every emotion has the power to define our stories and the people we become. Let’s look at an example. A bad breakup can leave a lasting scar, a void that drains your energy. This pain can become so unbearable that you feel unable to start a new relationship.

While this example is far from uncommon, other people choose to weave different emotional fabric, one of resilience, strength, and the unwavering desire to live, feel, experiment, and dream. You have to measure life in emotions. While some are painful, that suffering doesn’t have to become the only common thread in your existence.

You have to measure life in emotions

Well-being is feeling the right emotion at the right time and knowing what to do with it

Les Greenberg is a Canadian psychologist known as one of the creators of emotion-focused therapy. One thing Greenberg tells us in his work Emotion-Focused Therapy is that people often feel lost when it comes to dealing with their emotions.

We suppress them, thwart them, struggle to put them into words, and let them overwhelm us without thinking about the consequences.

Something we all need to understand is that well-being is about feeling the right emotions at the right time and knowing how to process those emotions later. But what exactly does that mean?

For example, it means that when someone insults you, you have the right to be angry. But that anger doesn’t mean you have to respond with violence. Instead, you should answer it with assertiveness and wisdom.

It also means that in situations of great change and uncertainty it is okay to feel fear and pain. You have to accept those emotions and see them as something that is expected and normal. Understanding these principles of mental health will help you better handle any new situation and personal circumstance.

Life is measured in emotions: never stop learning from them

You don’t measure life in hours. You measure it in emotions, in those little moments of happiness, desire, hope, excitement and sadness. We are not only made up of the experiences we have gone through, but also the emotions we have felt. This is what makes us all unique.

The fears that a person overcomes, the tears that he or she shed and the dreams that form in the form of success and happiness define him or her.

While it is true that we all have to put things behind us along the way, the road ahead offers new opportunities and exciting adventures. Because, at the end of the day, that’s what life is all about. Live every day to the fullest and feel every emotion in all its intensity.

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