Let Go Of Your Emotions: Five Things To Think About

Let go of your emotions: five things to think about

Emotions allow us to interact with others, but we tend to hide them. Release your emotions to express and process them with these five tips.

There are four essential or basic emotions (although some argue there are more): sadness, anger, fear, and joy. There is only one of this group that we experience as positive. However, this is a value that society imposes on us; it is not inherent. Making the distinction between negative and positive can therefore be a hindrance if you want to let go of your emotions.

Through the experiences we have had when we were vulnerable and hurt, we hide our sadness by projecting an image of strength. We do not express our anger because we fear the disapproval of others. We hide the fear that keeps our joy in check because we often don’t want to draw attention to ourselves by expressing spontaneous emotion.

1. Let go of your emotions: remember that your emotions are important

The above situations are the result of ‘underestimating’ your emotions and their importance compared to, for example, intelligence. You might think that emotions make you weak. If you think about this all the time, you suppress your emotions and they cause problems.

By not giving importance to your emotions, you become an expert at ‘swallowing’ everything you don’t want to feel. But this will make you feel very bad in the long run. You will find that the accumulated emotions are more than you can handle. You will fight for control and start choking.

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Do you want these emotions to overpower you in a work meeting, so that you explode at the smallest problem? Want to snap at a friend for the jealousy you’ve harbored for months? If you’ve ever experienced these situations or want to avoid them, it’s time to change the way you manage your emotions. Release your emotions!

2. Let go of your emotions, but be aware when you do this

Perhaps once you tried to let go of your emotions and felt a terrible sense of guilt. This happens when you express your emotions without being aware of them. Remember that we need to communicate in a good way and respect the other person.

A lack of awareness is also evident when you suppress your emotions so much that you eventually spontaneously explode. If you do, you have no mercy, you don’t care who gets in your way.

Therefore, it is better to express your emotions on your terms, and when you are in control. Open your eyes and immerse yourself in the person you have in front of you. This way you avoid hurting someone else or yourself because you didn’t manage the situation properly.

3. Don’t wait, express emotions when you have to

The key to keeping your emotions from getting out of hand is to express yourself when you need to. However, that doesn’t mean you can do that in every situation. During a job interview or similar situation, it would not be appropriate to express strong emotions.

However, in these cases you need to make sure that you express those emotions as soon as you can. Where do you feel safe to let go of your emotions? Where do you have the confidence to express what’s deep inside? Go there and open yourself up.

If you’re angry, you can hit a pillow or kick a ball. If you are afraid, let yourself tremble. Cry when you are sad. Scream if you want to scream. Ask someone for a hug if you need to be held.

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4. Beware of Cyclical Emotions

Emotions usually don’t last long. Think of joy: it is ephemeral. It doesn’t take hours and hours. However, when an emotion lasts longer than ‘normal’, we go from talking about an emotion to talking about an emotional state.

For example, you may feel sad, but when this sadness starts to control your thoughts and go around in circles causing you to feel anxious, you are holding that emotion captive. This prevents her from following her natural course.

We must learn to determine when to let go of the emotion. We must be careful not to feed these thoughts too long with our insecurities, fears, and beliefs. Sometimes we turn a mosquito into an elephant.

5. Let go of your emotions, but be mindful of your surroundings

If you find yourself in an environment where you are constantly being told not to cry, to act normal, or not to laugh so much, know that you have a right to express yourself. Do it out of respect for yourself and others.

Most importantly, don’t stop expressing what you’re feeling just because it upsets others. Although society tries to teach us to hide our emotions, it is not a healthy choice. If you need to express your emotions, do it. There’s nothing wrong with that!

Throughout our lives, we are constantly told not to express our emotions. Ultimately, we have a habit of holding back everything we want to say and express. And we hurt ourselves with this harmful habit.

We should not let our emotions poison us just because other people can get upset if we express them. When we suppress our emotions, they proliferate in our brains and take over our thoughts, taking longer than they should. We can avoid all this. Let go of your emotions.

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