It’s Better Not To Know Who You’re Going With

You better not know who you are going into business with

In English there is an expression that goes like this: “ Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t know.”  This means that it is better to get to know the devil you are going to do business with, even if it doesn’t bode well, than to get to know a devil you don’t know. It basically means that you mistrust the unknown.

I no longer agree with people who say this, because the unknown is not automatically bad. This was because we once had a substitute when our math teacher was ill. We were used to the same teacher we had for a long time, and we weren’t very happy with the change.

When this new teacher arrived, we noticed that she was much more patient with us than our own teacher. We had been afraid of nothing beforehand. Since then I no longer agree with the statement that it is better to know exactly who you are working with.

Let’s put these expressions behind us

Do you really think the above English expression is true? Many people agree with old expressions and sayings, but in this case it really isn’t true.

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Why is that? Don’t you think this expression encourages fear? It  suggests that it is better to stay in your comfort zone than to get out and get to know the world. You may not know what you are missing.

Imagine that you are stuck in a relationship and things are not going well. Then you meet a new love and you get a chance at a new life… Imagine working for years in a job that you don’t like, but that offers you financial security. Then someone offers you your dream job…

So, is this saying really true? Think about it and stop being afraid of the fear itself. The fear of going on stage only lasts a few minutes, but how about the feeling you get when you hear the applause? Is it worth it or not?

How do you stop being afraid of the unknown you are going to do business with?

So that you no longer fear changes or what life has to offer,  here are some tips that will help you take the first steps towards real change in your life:

  • Little by little. People are like that, changes scare us. But if you’re afraid of a big change, why not start with a few small changes to try? People are afraid of change,  but we also have a great adaptability.
  • Let your mind guide you. Think about both situations. Is it worth betting on the new and giving up the old? If so, try taking some steps in new shoes, and leaving your old pair behind.
  • Swap your negative expressions for positive ones. It all starts in your head. Instead of thinking that everything is going to go wrong, remember that it’s an experience that will grow you as a person, and it’s worth it for that alone.
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  • Don’t be too hard on yourself, and don’t demand too much. Often we don’t want to change because when we make a mistake, we punish or blame ourselves. Why don’t you let yourself make mistakes?
  • Think about everything you’re missing out on. Great things could be waiting for you, and you let it all pass because you are afraid. Think about all those people who changed their lives, their relationships, their jobs, their homes… And their lives are great now.
  • Don’t be such a doomsayer. Why do you always assume the worst? Why can’t you imagine the best-case scenario? If you think positively, the bad things aren’t so bad anymore, if only because we haven’t exaggerated them.

So, leave behind the saying that you can get to know the devil you’re dating better. Don’t get stuck in your fear. Get to know new people, new experiences, a new life. Choose change. 

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