I’m Not Afraid Anymore

I'm not afraid anymore

A little, scared girl looked through the window… she watched the world go by, too scared to go past the window frame. But life wanted her to learn. And though she hid herself in her hiding place for as long as she could, life knew how to handle this and sent the world to knock on her door.

Since she was a smart girl, she eventually started opening herself up. At first she was scared, she groped around a bit and eventually opened her doors to all kinds of creatures: elves, wizards, fairies disguised as witches and witches disguised as fairies. Sometimes she got into such a trance from the games the wizard was playing that the girl felt lonely and sad when the wizard suddenly disappeared.

Sometimes a fairy surprised her with sweet words that eventually turned into arrows that went straight to her heart; on other days she was scared when confronted by that strange woman who wasn’t weird per se, but still evoked fear in her.

Little by little, the girl began to learn how to distinguish the fairies from the witches, the fake magicians who made mistakes. One day she was extremely happy; she felt an overwhelming sense of happiness and realized that…

She wasn’t afraid of anything. She no longer looked at the world through her window. She now knocked on other frightened girls herself to show them what she had learned from her visitors in the short time they had been at her door.

From that moment on, she constantly said to herself and to the other girls, “Now I’m not afraid of anything anymore”.

How to make sure you are no longer afraid

If you can recognize yourself in the story you just read; if you’re afraid to face life, other people, and the world, don’t worry or try to be ashamed of your fear. Little by little we learn from life, from experience. Life makes us stronger and no matter how hard you try to hide from the world, life will always find you and knock on your door to come out.


Do not hesitate to…

To live your experiences

Experience is the only thing that can help us grow and learn from our mistakes; don’t be afraid to make mistakes or that other people will make mistakes with you. We all make mistakes, all the time.

No more regretting the things you’ve done

At times you may have thought that way, because of your age, circumstances or your personality, but that’s over now. Let go and stop carrying your mistakes with you. Once you’ve learned from them, the only way to stop yourself is to keep them with you.

To reflect without making yourself a victim

If you feel that someone has mistreated you or that you yourself have mistreated someone else, reflect on this, apologize or forgive others and move on with your life. It’s no good stuffing your brain with anger when it’s leading us nowhere.

Asking your loved ones for advice when you need to make a decision

Often we feel ourselves lost; there are plenty of people who not only love us but are able to calm us down with just a few words. Listen to these people, but make sure you’re the one who ultimately makes the decision.

No one knows you better than you know yourself. It will often be the case that you have to choose one from two or even more roads. Make the choice after you have thought about it carefully; don’t fret over what could have happened if you had chosen a different path. What happened, happened, and when you chose this path, you did it because at the time you thought it was best.

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