If You Experience Inner Peace, Then You Have Made The Right Choice

If you experience inner peace, then you have made the right choice

That sense of inner peace you are experiencing right now is a sign that you have made the right choice. Perhaps many will disagree that this was the right or most logical choice you could make. Maybe it wasn’t even the best choice you could make. However, what this feeling makes clear to you is that the option you have chosen makes you happy and is in line with your values, essence and feeling…

Sigmund Freud said that making a choice is like riding a horse. The animal would then represent our emotional side, instinctively, almost sad. And the person who rides the animal – he is the one who holds the reins of reason and directs, halts and directs the animal. Which of the two will ultimately win the battle? In most cases, it is our fascinating emotional side that is ultimately stronger when we have to make choices, and it is precisely where hundreds of races are run every day…

You are nobody’s ‘option’, you are the priority, which is why it is important to listen to your heart when making choices. There is no right way, there are only ways that make you happy.

Life is full of choices. In fact, we practice the art of choice all the time: coffee or tea, elevator or stairs, to call or not to call, to try to catch that train or to wait for the next one… Having to make a choice can make us feel the same way. as the feeling we get when we are about to jump from a great height to legs, into a great void. And when there is no other option than to take the plunge, we need a large dose of courage and a sense of responsibility.

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There is no right choice, only the urge for happiness

Henry James once wrote an extraordinary story which he called ‘The Jolly Corner’ . In this story, we are introduced to Spencer Brydon, a young man who returns to his native England after achieving success and wealth in the United States.

In the solitude of his now empty house, he begins to wonder if he had made the right choice when he left his roots and family behind. In the midst of all these doubts, his alter ego suddenly surfaces, his other ‘self’, showing him, little by little, what would have become of him had he never left England.

Whether or not we made the right choice is something that will always stay with us. As Henry James teaches us in his great story, to make a choice we first use our hearts, but this feeling is soon followed by our responsibility. We use our emotions first, then our reason, and then our job to be the architects ourselves of the paths we want to walk.

There will not always be a clear right choice or path ahead of us, with neon lights above it showing us the way to happiness. The best choice we can make is the one that gives us inner peace, the choice that goes hand in hand with our conscience and therefore ensures that we continuously make coherent choices, based on these elements.

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The art of making wise choices from the heart

We already know that when we have to choose between two options, the emotions are like stars hovering over an ocean of doubts. It’s also helpful to know that the part of the brain that benefits us most in this process is the amygdala.

The amygdala has hundreds of connections throughout the brain; it is a finely tuned and fascinating structure that acts like a kind of watcher, able to evaluate any stimulus, conscious or unconscious thoughts, experiences or events. After this analysis, the amygdala makes a judgment, a choice that will be carefully analyzed by our frontal cortex at a later time.

Since we now know that a large part of our choices are made through our emotions, we will now look at how we can make our choices a little wiser, more accurate and more responsible.

A man who walks on a rope has to keep his heart and brain in balance in order to make the right choice and experience inner peace

Tips to make better choices

In order to be happy, it is important that you are able to make choices and transcend the barrier of fear. Indeed, this can be very difficult for many of us, because by choosing one option, we are naturally aware at the same time that we have to leave other options.

  • When our heart asks us to go for something and suddenly we are overcome by fear, we have to rationalize this fear and try to understand it. After this sense of fear sets in, we turn to our reason, because it is logic and conscious thought that will ask us to be brave and break down the walls of fear.
  • When your emotions push you in a certain direction, ask yourself if you are being realistic. It’s a question you should ask yourself, and no one else. If you think the choice will be feasible, if it makes you happy and you think it possible, then don’t let anything or anyone stand in your way.
  • Accept the possibility of failure. Accept and come to terms with the fact that your choice may not turn out quite right, but at the same time understand that to find the way to happiness, one option will not be enough. This option is just a door that hides several possible paths.
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The art of being happy involves knowing how to make choices on a daily basis, being able to listen sincerely to the voice of your heart, accepting the fact that we all make mistakes and gradually moving on. find what is best for us, our way to inner peace. 

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