I Lose Myself, I Seek Myself And Sometimes I Find Myself

I lose myself, I find myself and sometimes I find myself

Sometimes I love myself in a thousand different ways, during the headaches of my daily life, when I give my attention to people who don’t deserve this and in circumstances that are not important at all. I’m afraid of things that will probably never happen. I drown myself in details, without looking at what is really important.

Every day I have to pause for a moment to look inside myself, to my essence, to who I really am, to look for that which is hidden behind the smiles that I do not feel, the looks that cannot be hidden.

I can only find myself from time to time and see who I really am, but I feel very small. Even so small that I immediately hide myself again, so that no one can see me. I use the smile that is not mine as a shield, a smile that I have borrowed from someone I am not.

I lose myself in how fast everything goes

For most of us, reality is something moving at full speed. We barely have enough time to fully complete the millions of tasks we plan to do. We run to work, to dinner with friends, rush on vacation and only just manage to pick up our children. Where then is there room left to find ourselves?


We need to try to slow down the speed at which everything happens. We need  to find our place in the world and create a place where we can enjoy the things we love most. Take a moment to breathe, look around you, observe the sky, the clouds, the trees and enjoy.

Listen to your heart

Our hearts often tell us all kinds of things, but we tend to listen more to what our minds are telling us about everything we need to do, about how far we need to make progress. However, if we took a moment to listen to every beat of our heart, we would adopt the rhythm of our lives.

What is your heart trying to tell you? Listen carefully. With each stroke, it tries to whisper to you things that you may not want to hear or fear, but are nevertheless necessary.

If your heart is telling you that something in your life needs to change, it’s time you face your fears and make the impossible possible. It is human to be afraid of something, but in general we learn from these changes and come out stronger than before.

Let yourself be caressed by loneliness

Loneliness is sometimes a necessary state of being: it can help us find ourselves, to really know who that person is who is deep inside us. When we escape from the noise, from other people, we learn to listen to the silence, to listen to what we think ourselves and we learn to reflect on our beliefs.

Being alone

When we are alone, we are able to appreciate the small details of the things around us, to see the myriad nuances of life and to appreciate the hundreds of different colors, smells and flavors that life has. Look for that moment of solitude to find yourself and your innermost thoughts; let yourself be caressed and comforted by loneliness.

Find your own place

Throughout our lives, we lose ourselves several times, make mistakes and fix these mistakes, do things right and then go wrong again. But during all this, we are always learning. With every step we take, we are getting closer and closer to the place where we should be in the world, the place from which we cannot escape.

Perhaps the time has come when you need to wake up to life, put aside the idea of ​​winning and losing, open your eyes and see where we really are and who we really are. Finding yourself means trusting and accepting yourself and above all, getting in touch with your deepest feelings and desires.

We spend too much time finding a place where we feel comfortable. However, when we find this place, we will be sure that it is the right place. That nothing and no one will be able to take us away from this place, because our roots have already sunk too deep into the ground and have found what they were looking for so badly: ourselves.

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