I Like People Who Don’t Separate Reason And Emotion

I like people who don't separate reason and emotion

Eduardo Galeano once said “The language that speaks the truth is feeling-thinking language” and that the best people are people who are able to think by feeling and feel by thinking.

Because of this, he formed the statement that he “loves feeling-thinking people who do not separate reason from their hearts. Who think and feel at the same time. Without separating their heads from their bodies or their emotions from their reason.”

No matter how much we interfere with this, we act with our heart according to the logic of our mind and vice versa. We are one whole, we think and feel at the same time  and this is how we get closer to reality.

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Controlling what we feel is necessary to remember what we deserve

Feeling-thinking is how we relate ourselves to our love, friendship, disappointment, joy, our angels and our demons. We cannot break ourselves into multiple pieces or keep our feelings separate from our thoughts.

When faced with a complicated relationship, we cannot try to let ourselves be completely guided by what we feel. Sometimes we have to put aside part of what we feel in order to put more value on what we deserve.

However, our feelings and emotions will influence every decision and event in our lives (and this is a good thing, otherwise we would be just robots).


Feeling-thinking sensitivity, the basis for empathy

Some people have a sensitivity that is more or less feeling-thinking. Some people think and act on the belief that the circumstances of life will devour you if you are sensitive and pay attention to your emotions in our present world.

That is why it is necessary to reflect. To have the feeling that you are alive and going with the flow at the same time, it is important to both think and feel. How will we raise our children if we only prioritize logic? How can we love if we give much more importance to our reason?

Many are convinced that it is a sign of strength to let your reason be stronger than your emotions and that our emotions and our sensitivity are signs of weakness and fragility. However, nothing could be further from the truth: the combination of these two aspects is precisely what can make us really great.

Adhering to a feeling-thinking philosophy is one way of embracing life and who we really are. In fact, feeling-thinking people are the ones who have the most charisma and the strongest ability to interact with their environment.


A feeling-thinking person is a balanced person who gives others trust, good intentions, emotional intelligence, power and the strength to spread their wings and give free rein to their goals.

Feeling-thinking people are the people best able to understand how important small details are when we relate ourselves to the world. They are much better able to understand that without the bonds that unite us and make us respect each other, our lives are meaningless.

The convergence of our reason and celebrating our heart is the foundation for our sense of well-being

We have to thank the time. Time has shown us that good things can happen at any time, sometimes in the hands of our feelings and sometimes in the embrace of our reason.

That’s why it’s so important not to separate our logic from our emotions. Both are important to understand the world around us and the things that happen to us and to be able to make choices.

A feeling-thinking mind allows us to interact with our environment and form bonds with others, making any relationship more fulfilling. However, we do not always know how to balance these aspects.


A good social brain is a brain that balances reason and balance. Neither is better, worse, or superior. Without emotional sensitivity, we cannot understand a world built on a foundation of reason, and vice versa.

In reality, thinking without feeling (or vice versa) is actually seeing without seeing, listening without listening, loving without loving, and living without living. And this is as little possible as the existence of a perfect and sincere smile without feeling true happiness.

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