I Am Not Afraid Of Those Who Attack Me

I am not afraid of those who attack me

In life there is no shortage of occasions when we are surprised by the attitudes of those around us, who we thought were faithful and loyal friends. In fact, we usually don’t recognize a fake friend until the damage has already been done…

One thing that is certain is that being betrayed causes a lot of suffering. Suffering that sometimes becomes unbearable because trust is broken and it means the end of a relationship with someone we would have gone through fire for before.

Although it is very difficult to protect ourselves from the hypocrisy and betrayal of those we have considered friends, we must always keep in mind that not all that glitters is gold, but we can still have faith in the world.


Friendship: a very precious thing

As we all know true friendship is a rare thing that is a product of positive feelings, hopes and expectations. Anyone who has a friend has not only a treasure, but a fortune.

But friendships can also end badly  (or rather, all relationships can). They sour when we stop caring about each other and forget the values ​​they uphold.

The bad thing is when lies and betrayal also occur, which suddenly overshadow the good intentions. After that there are only the hypocrisy and the falsehood. In these moments, we can feel as if something inside us is breaking  and the world is turning its back on us. Our castles are collapsing and we find ourselves in a completely destroyed world.

It can be very difficult to regain our faith in humanity. It can even be difficult to let go of what has always been a part of our lives up to that point.

In fact  , the friends who betray us don’t deserve the credit of the word friend:  they were actually relationships that could have been something beautiful, but got disrupted somewhere along the way or maybe even had been from the start.


Five types of bad friends

There are five types of fake friend profiles that we need to learn to recognize so that we can avoid their influence on our lives.

1. Those who always want to be the best

It’s not bad to have ambitions and insecurities, but there are people who always want to be superior. They are characterized by not being happy for our successes and not giving us compliments. They always want to be better than us and they don’t listen. They just want you to listen to them.

2. Those who always have problems

They are defined by their inability to feel happy with what they have and their constant search for compassion and support. They complain about everything and life itself is a drama for them. It doesn’t matter if you are having a hard time yourself at the time, you will eventually comfort them because of their desperate demand for comforting words.

3. Those who always make you feel bad

These are people who make you feel guilty and selfish in everything you do or say. Everything you do will be criticized and they will never make you feel like you are doing something right unless they want something from you.

4. Those who only want to gossip

Gossiping, speaking badly about others and judging everything are their biggest hobbies.  When you’re in their company, you get the feeling that they only want to question you to find out what’s going on in your life. The lack of genuine interest can be seen in their tone and insistence.

5. Those who only want to use us

There are people who try to take advantage of everything and everyone, including your misery. The scales generally tip in their favor and they only come along when there is a guarantee that they can gain something out of the situation.


Although they still disappoint me, I still believe that there are good people too

Yes, there are certainly good people. Not one traitor, not millions of traitors can make us believe that the world is all bad. And it is also clear that we are not infallible and that we sometimes make mistakes without intending to “stab our friends in the back”.

Not everything in the world is completely good or bad: it’s just that the person who betrays us seems like a monster to us. And even then , we should see these experiences as learning moments to learn what we want and who we want around us.

It is likely that no matter how many shields we put around us, we will always end up in a bad relationship at some point. Because doubt, mistrust and falsehood harm and poison us,  we must therefore develop our directness, honesty and loyalty with our strength. Without shields and without masks, in a simple and honest way.

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