How To Better Connect With Others

Human connection does not require magic or tricks, it requires honesty and the ability to present yourself to others from a place of humility, emotional balance and empathy. It is learning about the others to discover their needs and qualities.
How to better connect with others

What exactly do you need to better connect yourself with others? What do you have to do to impress? To excite others and leave a lasting impression that helps you build lasting relationships?

At some point in your life you probably wanted to unravel the mystery of what makes human relationships strong, an enigma related to the fascinating psychology of connection.

So you may be wondering what exactly ‘connect’ means. If you look up that word in the dictionary, you can find something like, “bringing two things together (devices, systems) so that there is a reaction or some kind of communication between them.” However, humans are not machines, although electrical activity does take place in the brain.

Connecting human beings through emotion. Everyone, as Carl Jung would say, reacts and transforms when we connect with people we think are stimulating. Therefore, human relationships are the result of a fascinating mechanism of chemical and electrical reactions. It is these reactions that help create a bond.

You need to connect to share spaces, interests, or goals. There is an innate need to socialize, to find a role model who offers friendship, affection and unconditional support.

Abraham Maslow placed the need for connection in the third level of his hierarchy, reflecting its importance and transcendence for self-realization.

Two people with a connection

The key to better connecting with others

Sometimes you start a conversation with the intention that the other person likes you. Or you try to establish a positive connection with which you can form a bond of trust.

For example, you can do this if you are attracted to someone. However, this also often happens when people are trying to make new friends, win new business customers, or get along with colleagues.

Most people would like to be able to completely control the situation in order to connect with others effectively. Sometimes the connection is just spontaneous. However, that subtle magic doesn’t always come naturally.

Sometimes you have to make an extra effort to break the ice, strike up a conversation with the right social skills, and ignite the spark that starts the connection. Let’s look at some of the strategies that can help you make meaningful connections with other people.

Inner peace and openness

Your brain has an innate need to socialize with those around you. Studies like that of Dr. Michael Lieberman of New York University reveals that the pain your brain experiences when you’re lonely can be even more intense than that of an injury or injury.

As a human being you need interaction and connection with your environment to form meaningful bonds, but how do you do that? The first step is to understand a very simple concept. Sometimes you can focus on being sympathetic or trying to make a good impression and forget about your inner emotional state.

If you are nervous or anxious, that is exactly the vibration you give to the other person. Ideally, you should be able to begin interactions from a place of calm and confidence. Only when you are at peace with yourself can you open up to others, do your best, captivate and connect.

The key to better connecting yourself with others

Genuine interest and authenticity

Another strategy on how to better connect with others is to show genuine interest in them. While you may think this is the easy part, it’s actually not that easy at all.

Some people tend to force connection and seem overly interested. This eventually comes across as fake and can scare people away. Try to be your most authentic, honest, humble and empathetic self. A sincere person:

  • smiles
  • has a relaxed conversation
  • respects the personal space of the other
  • listens carefully
  • is interested in what he or she hears in order to respond appropriately

Remember that connection between people only works when there is honesty. 

Friends having coffee

Trust and reliability so you can connect with others

The right way to connect with others is to build a sense of trustworthiness and trust. One way to do this is to use a well-known technique that public speakers use: just tell the other person a secret.

There is no need to tell your most intimate secrets. It’s actually more about entrusting the other person with something in your life that evokes empathy in them. Some examples you could say are for example:

  • “I want to tell you a secret but I’m so nervous.”
  • “Something strange happened to me recently…”
  • “You probably won’t believe this, but when I was a kid I used to…”

However, always keep in mind that there is no foolproof trick to help you connect better with others. It’s about using different strategies to get closer to someone and create a sense of well-being so that the dialogue moves in a positive direction.

The most important thing is to approach people from a place of self-confidence and well-being. Just enjoy the social interaction. It’s easier than you think!

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