How To Be Lucky

How to be lucky

Does luck really exist? Is it true that some people are luckier than others? This is undoubtedly a topic of discussion. When things aren’t going well for us and others around us seem to have all the luck in the world, we often use phrases like “I’m just not lucky” or “He’s always lucky, everything is going well for him!”

But is happiness really something that exists? Does everything depend on fate, on chance? Well, maybe we should save that question for another day… or maybe not. There are no formulas or magical rituals; maybe it depends more on us than we think…

Do luck and bad luck really exist?

We all tend to talk a lot about the bad luck we have and the luck that everyone seems to have. Do you really believe this? If you really think about it,  there’s a little bit of everything in everyone’s life, good times and bad… you’re not alone.

Finding a four-leaf clover as a symbol of luck

If you want to change your luck, be brave and start over. Take a positive attitude, don’t be afraid of new beginnings, get rid of all your negative thoughts and stop torturing yourself for mistakes you’ve made. It could be that happiness in real life actually lies in the attitude you have towards life…

How to be lucky

1. Be positive

If you believe that good things will happen in your life, they will happen. In your attitude lies the belief that things will go well or the view that what happened is not the worst case… If you cultivate positivity, you will find yourself getting lucky more often.

2. If something doesn’t turn out the way you hoped, try again

Why not just try again instead of complaining that something went wrong? Things haven’t gone so well in your relationship so far? Try again. The pie you just baked was burnt in the oven? Create a new one! And as you try these things again, think about what you can improve on.

3. Believe you are not unlucky

Life is like a Ferris wheel: sometimes we are at the top, sometimes we are at the bottom. What happens is that we tend to complain about how bad everything is when we’re at the bottom. This is because we have learned to focus our energies on what is negative…

4. Don’t focus on the bad moments in your life

Everyone has bad moments in life. The best we can do with them is learn from them and leave them behind once they’re over. Standing still is useless. All they do is reinforce the idea that everything will always go bad.

Smiley in the sand

5. Think positive and get rid of negative thoughts

Yes, this is difficult. However, it is a continuous job that we can work on little by little. When you start to drift down into negative thoughts, adjust your way of thinking. If you don’t think you can do this, share your thoughts and problems with someone else who usually has a positive attitude. This can help immensely. Other strategies may include putting on music you love or exercising. Discover the ways you can quickly disconnect those negative thoughts.

6. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes; don’t torment yourself with the mistakes you’ve made

Thinking often about mistakes we’ve made can make us unhappy. These mistakes can convince us that we are unlucky because our mistakes are, in our own minds, a symptom of bad luck. But what would life be without mistakes?

Don’t blame yourself for your mistakes; learn from them. Learn to be happy with yourself. If you’ve made mistakes, it’s because you’re really alive. Think of it like you’re not trapped in a bubble where nothing ever goes wrong. Live your life, make mistakes and learn from them.

7. Be brave

If you start something new, like a new relationship or a new job, with fear and apprehension, it doesn’t have much of a chance of success. When you see people who have found their dream job or who have met the love of their life, don’t say it’s because you’re not lucky not to have these things. It is likely that that person has worked very hard for that job or that their relationship has grown into something beautiful, but has not always been perfect. Follow his example, be brave, work hard and think positively.

The moral of the story: happiness depends more on you than you think… 

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