How I Freed Myself From My Emotional Wounds

How I Freed Myself From My Emotional Wounds

When it comes to talking about emotional wounds, we’re not just talking about the damage others do to us. We are also responsible for much of our personal emptiness and limits.

Some thoughts are harmful to us. For example, we should not feed our ego or cling to our past. Our attitude to life can sometimes erode our soul and the way we see the world.

Healing and improving this internal damage can liberate us emotionally. But first we have to do  a healthy exercise where reflection is central and we are determined to change things, but it has to come from within. Therein lies the true emotional power.

We all think we are free, but this is not true. We are controlled by our beliefs, which are sometimes limiting, and by our emotional wounds, which bind us. How can we be emotionally reborn so that we can be truly free?

Tips to achieve emotional freedom


First, we need to understand that not everyone is the same and we don’t have the same life experiences.

Nevertheless, when we talk about  thoughts and emotions that limit our personal growth and freedom, there are  a few basic guidelines worth keeping in mind and reflecting on.

Don’t be afraid of emotional pain

Pain, like suffering, cannot be hidden in a certain part of the body. All wounds bleed and all emotional pain cries, screams and is experienced as deep loneliness.

Your emotions are not your enemies and they do not define you. That means you may suffer from disappointment at a critical time in your life, but your whole existence will not (and should not) be spoiled by this feeling.

Pain is experienced in the here and now and it must be understood and managed in the healthiest way possible. If you choose to hide these emotions, you become a prisoner in your life and your personal and emotional freedom is nothing more than an illusion.

Learn to be sympathetic to yourself

Did you make a mistake? Have you put a lot of time into a person who may not have deserved it? Don’t punish yourself for that and don’t tell yourself you’re naive. Don’t call yourself a failure.

No life is immune to mistakes.  In fact, anything you see as wrong is really just an experience you need to learn from so you can get stronger.

Be sympathetic to yourself  and understand that the last thing you should do is feed the guilt over what happened. Guilt pulls you down, it drowns you and it poisons you. It is a true enemy of personal freedom. Keep your mind open, able to accept all experiences, good or bad, because at the end of the day that’s what life is made up of.

Try to wake up every morning with a renewed sense of hope. Open yourself up to yourself and to others and know that you deserve to be happy. Block the deluge of negative thoughts that keep you trapped.


Every effort you make, every step you take towards happiness, will be a way to free yourself from mistakes and guilt. Feed yourself with a sense of hope, but not with disappointment.

You can’t change others

If you have to live with family, parents, or siblings who have hurt you in some way, know  that you can’t change them. You can’t change their personality or their way of understanding things.

To free yourself emotionally, you must find healing within yourself. You are the one that matters in this case. You are the one who suffers.

You may have internalized many of the things that have happened to you in the past and they have created an internal wound and this is true. Free yourself. Tell yourself this can’t hurt you anymore. Try to forgive, but set limits.

Let go of the words said and unsaid, heal the pain and disappointment and contempt, release the burdens and raise your voice to make it clear that you will not be a victim. You are healed, you are reborn and you are emotionally liberated.

Heal your roots

What do we mean when we say “heal your root”? This is undoubtedly a complex idea that is the backbone of many personal aspects, experiences and psychological constructs. It is enough to consider these dimensions.

Reflect on the following:

  • Turn off your ego every day,  giving you a wider and freer view.
  • Do not give in to hatred and rancor. Avoid extremes  as both sides will bring you down. Maintain a balance and inner peace and prioritize your emotional freedom above everything else.
  • Don’t protect yourself with unrealistic positivity. Don’t smile when you feel very sad,  because that will only make the leaves of your tree more beautiful, while you neglect the diseased roots.
  • Feel your emotions and manage them appropriately, otherwise you will be wearing a mask that is far removed from who you really are. For personal growth you need to be brave and honest with yourself.

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