He Didn’t Know It Was Impossible

He didn't know it was impossible

How many times have you stopped yourself in the middle of your path because someone told you not to go any further, that you would never reach your goal anyway? We’ve probably all experienced this at least once in different situations.

I’ve been through crazy cases of disapproval. Teachers, moms and dads, siblings, friends, all determined to make someone feel completely worthless.

And this is true, we’ve all experienced it. There are countless things that we have never done in our lives because we were told we couldn’t and we believed this. It’s amazing how many opportunities life has offered us that we never took advantage of, because we ‘knew’ beforehand that we wouldn’t be able to achieve our goal anyway.

There are plenty of ways to discourage someone, some more painful than others. I’ve heard several people say “you’re not going to make it,” “don’t waste your time,” “you’re wasting your life,” and a whole bunch of similar statements.

Most of the time, however, it is very subtle. Discouraging looks – mocking looks, desperate looks, and looks of incomprehension – directed at the enormous effort that great and small heroes put into achieving something.

To climb

There are those who think they will never be able to learn a language, get in shape, overcome their shyness, win a trophy or learn to drive a car. We’ve seen this with our own eyes enough times…and we’ve also watched thousands of times as the most destructive and fatal warnings from our family or school come unparalleled. Why?

When we are small, our identity and the image we have of ourselves is shaped by what others tell us.

We are all to blame for regularly ruining certain dreams (even when we know it’s crippling and we try to avoid it).

In reality, however, anything is possible. Even if it doesn’t work one way, it will work another way. As Edison once said, “The people who say it can’t be done should not interrupt the people who are doing it.” We can do anything we want as long as we try hard enough. Wanting something doesn’t always mean you’re able to do it, but it’s very helpful and the only way to actually achieve your goal.

Everyone should apply this story to their own life and break the ice to save themselves from certain death. We all carry within us the strength to fall a thousand times and get back up a thousand and one times. We have the courage to confront pain and reassemble the parts broken by others.

People who pursue a dream know that setting goals is the first step to making this dream a reality, making yourself deaf to the people who want to ruin your dreams is the second and reaching a point where you can’t go back is the third; that is, the moment when you have no other option but to just achieve your dream.

In Seneca’s words, “It’s not that we don’t risk things because they’re hard, but things are hard because we don’t risk them.”

So if you want to reach a place where the majority has never been, you have to do something that the majority never does: believe in yourself!

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