From A Low Point You Can Only Go Up

From a low point you can only go up

Everyone has serious problems and has experienced dramatic or tragic events in their life. Everyone is strong and has a plan until they experience pain. When you’ve reached that low point, you can feel terribly lost.

Aaron Beck in his explanation of depression states that we can put our irrational thoughts to the test using the Down Arrow technique and the Paradoxical Magnification technique. If we apply these two techniques to our own experience, we will realize that once we hit rock bottom, we can only go up.

Realize that fear is your fault

Everyone is afraid of setbacks in life. If you’ve experienced deep pain before and feel like you’ve hit rock bottom, you have two options: continue in that almost vegetative, painful state or try to get back on top. This really depends on you.

The Down Arrow is a cognitive therapy technique that helps you explore your negative thoughts. To apply this technique, choose one of your negative thoughts and ask yourself: If this thought were true, what would it mean to me? Usually the answer is a new negative thought related to the previous one. Then you ask yourself successive questions (these are the downward arrows), ultimately exposing your counterproductive beliefs (perfectionism, need for approval, fears, etc.)

This exercise is difficult and can involve a painful confrontation, but ultimately the technique allows us to see that even if the worst of the worst has happened to us, we are still able to endure and survive. It helps us recognize that our thoughts amplify our pain.

Suffering can always affect you, after all, nothing is certain in this life. Once you hit the ground, when the worst has happened to you, you may lie down discouraged. But you may also realize at that point that your only option is to get up and move on. You have little to lose, only fear.

We amplify our grief and see how absurd our current attitude is

Paradoxical Magnification is a cognitive technique in which the client is instructed to exaggerate their negative thoughts rather than trying to stop or control them. Paradoxically, these thoughts often suddenly seem absurd and meaningless. Of course, this technique is only suitable for negative thoughts related to events that are not emotionally disastrous (such as losing a child, for example).

Paradoxical Magnification helps the patient realize that his situation could have been worse. He may feel lonely because his relationship just broke up, but he could have been a lot lonelier if he didn’t have family or friends on top of that.

Suffering makes us wise and resilience makes us strong

Nothing in life can bring us down if we don’t allow it ourselves. We set the boundaries. We are the ones who determine whether or not we listen to the harmful comments of negative people.

There are people who, after experiencing bitter moments, become bitter and drag others along, but there are also people who turn their bitterness into the contradiction they want for their lives: they know what bitterness is and they also know that they don’t want it. , not for themselves and not for others. They are beings of light, born from the bleakness of their existence.


When we shift the boundaries of ridicule, pain, humiliation, judgment and misfortune… when we shift them and see that we have already suffered, then we have reached the true meaning of our existence. Because only when you’ve bottomed out and can grasp the process, will you realize that your only option is to climb up.

We fall down with the certainty that we will no longer act from our ego, but from our authentic personal values. We will withdraw from competition with others to simply fight for our own dreams. From such bad experiences and from such suffering, the best, by sheer inertia, is yet to come. Take that step forward, start living again and just let it all happen. You have fallen so low that you can only go up.

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