Forgiveness Frees You From The Past And Allows You To Move Forward

Forgiveness frees you from the past and allows you to move forward

Forgiveness is one of the most beautiful forms of generosity there is. Forgiveness is an almost inevitable part of any relationship we have. Forgiving others and asking for forgiveness is a freedom, which is why it carries a lot of value. Forgiving is often more difficult than the other alternatives you have: not seeking forgiveness and also not being willing to forgive others.

Some people consciously choose not to forgive someone because they believe that forgiveness will free them from the guilt they feel. In reality, however, it is the person who cannot forgive who suffers the most. By not forgiving others, they continue to carry the pain within them, turning it into a sharp and uncontrolled dagger that can cause serious and unpredictable damage.

Not knowing how to forgive others causes you to become bound by anger and resentment, so there is a good chance that you will eventually feed your thoughts with these negative feelings as well. Forgiving someone who has hurt you isn’t easy, so it’s important to learn how to do it so you can free yourself from old wounds and leave behind the emotional baggage that only holds you back.

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Wrong Ways to Take Forgiveness

Some people don’t understand forgiveness. They see forgiveness as a kind of competition to point a finger at others, where the winner is rewarded and the loser punished. Forgiveness has nothing to do with the following:

  • Free someone else from his deeds
  • To admit
  • Turn the other cheek
  • Pretend nothing happened at all
  • Admitting Your Anger Was Unjustified
  • Forcing yourself to get along with someone you feel could hurt you again

See forgiveness as a freedom that heals

In reality, however, forgiveness has nothing to do with the list above. Forgiveness has to do with yourself, with feeling good and with making sure that the punishment doesn’t go beyond reflection and learning. Forgiveness is characterized by:

  • Freeing hard feelings or resentment
  • Healing wounds, making scars disappear
  • The choice to be in a better mood from now on
  • Helping yourself to focus on positive aspects
  • Giving yourself a great opportunity: to start over with a clean slate
  • Freeing yourself: it is your choice, so remember that you are in control of your own feelings.

Let time do its work

When something hurts, remind yourself that you cannot change the past, on the contrary, it is the present and the future that will give you the chance to rejoin, by easing, healing and restoring the pain .

Let your positive energy come out without the urge to fight, without the urge to enter into conflict. Focus your attention on becoming a better person, preventing the pain from masking the gratitude you feel for all the positive things you do have in your life.

Forgiving and being forgiven are both equally liberating


Forgiveness is a very kind gesture to yourself and to others, a gesture that will help you move on and realize that nothing is more toxic than feeling bad about yourself. In addition, the person you forgive can learn beautiful lessons in relation to humility and human values, which will also change their perspective.

Pain that does harm is often unavoidable. However, don’t try to give it the power to settle in your life; it will then not want to go away. The only person who can control your feelings is you. If you keep reliving the pain of what happened, you’re putting the reins in the hands of the person who cheated on you.

Let go of negative feelings so you can move on

Don’t hold onto negative feelings or anger can paralyze you. Anger is just a sign of the pain, fear, guilt, or frustration you feel when you’re cheated on. While the pain will never go away completely, forgiveness can help free yourself from anger so you can feel better about yourself.

While there is no set way to forgive, for some it just comes naturally and others have to force themselves and put in a lot more effort to be forgiven or forgive. For example, maybe they are constantly repeating things to themselves like, “I’m going to let this pass and I’m not going to invest my hatred, anger, or resentment on this person.”

Remember that you can’t change things, but you do have the power to decide for yourself how you will respond to the facts. For this you will have to start a conversation with yourself and write down the things that emerge from this inner dialogue. If this is all negativity, try putting a little more effort into looking for positive ways of thinking.

Finally, remember that perfection simply does not exist. Mistakes, no matter how hard we try to turn our backs on them, are inevitable in life. What you can change is how you deal with these mistakes and how you can make yourself stronger so that the pain and damage these mistakes have caused can disappear from your life as quickly as possible.

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