Every Adult Has An Inner Child

Every adult has an inner child

For most people, youth is a symbol of purity, innocence, vitality and happiness. Who wouldn’t want to go back to that time when it was all about laughter and love, when your biggest concern was what dessert you would have after dinner? What if there is still a little bit of that inner child hidden in us?  If we worry about renewal, happiness, and enjoying all the little details in life, we may just be trying to give a voice to this wise inner child. Now and then we have to listen to this child.

Your vitality is your inner child talking to you

Old age is more than just a physical change, it’s also an attitude. When you lose your curiosity, as Saramago would say, you stop being a child. Maybe that’s why we all long for that time when we see a child’s smile, because that child has no worries or responsibilities.

Inner Child

One of the things maturity demands of us is to look to the future and recognize that what we do today has consequences in the future. In the same way, it also means that an adult is responsible for his own actions and takes care of the people he loves.

While you should keep this in mind, do n’t forget your inner child, the one who urges you to be creative, rejuvenate yourself, never stop being young. Thanks to your inner child you always keep believing in life.

When was the last time you thought about what really makes you happy?

The Little Prince  written by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry is an inexorable lesson about who we are: adults who have forgotten themselves. Thanks to books like this, we realize that we all have an inner child who enjoys all the little details of life, who accepts who we are. It is true that ‘what is important is not visible to the naked eye’.

If we were more tolerant of the part of ourselves that asks us to separate ourselves from the negativity of the adult world, we would also realize that sometimes it’s not quite clear what makes us happy. Seeing the world with an innocent, fresh eye can therefore help you realize this much sooner than when it is tormented by the everyday world.

Accept your inner child and see the world through new eyes

Maturity can be nothing more than a change of perspective, as our mood alternates between being amazed at everything around us and being scared when something deviates from the normal. Isn’t it true that normal things can be viewed with extraordinary eyes? Perhaps this is the key: be amazed every day at the world as if you were seeing it for the first time, as someone who is about to experience the greatest serendipity of his life. That way, you’ll enjoy valuing the things you usually can’t see around you.

Inner Child

There is nothing wrong with bringing out your inner child. This doesn’t mean you give up on your adult side, just that you achieve a balance between the two that allows you to deal with your life and accept the extraordinary things in it. It’s important to see the world through adult eyes, but it won’t be great until you can paint it with the details of your inner child.

Be reasonable and listen to your inner child, as it will give you more lessons to learn than you think, and all of them will lead you to happiness. Don’t lose your curiosity, your desire to have fun or your innocence. Analyze the world as the little prince would have, and try to get to a place where your eyes won’t interrupt you.

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