Eight Signs Of Emotional Growth

Eight Signs of Emotional Growth

Just because there are more and more candles on your birthday cake doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve matured. It also doesn’t mean that you ‘ve grown emotionally or that you’re approaching things more balanced.

Most of us tend to punish ourselves for our mistakes rather than reward ourselves for our achievements. We are too hard on ourselves (stricter than anyone else) and we focus more on our failures than our successes.

We get easily discouraged when things don’t go the way we planned. We don’t appreciate the things we do well. We are not patient enough to move forward and we do not pay attention to small changes.

Sometimes it’s worth pausing in the midst of the chaos and making a list of everything we’ve accomplished. Not to be arrogant, but to realize that we have grown emotionally. So, what are the signs of emotional maturity?

Signs of Emotional Growth

You let go of the things that are bad for you

It is extremely important to learn how to remove from your life the things that harm or prevent you from living fully. This is essential if we want to be successful in the things we do. Recognizing toxic people and running away from them is a big step.

You learn from your mistakes

Who ever said that making mistakes should plague us for eternity? We can learn a lot from our failures. It’s not worth being an obsessive perfectionist. It’s good to make mistakes and know the things you won’t do again.

This completely changes our perspective and helps us to embark on new projects; this time, however, we will be more ambitious and successful. Why? Because we are guided by our experiences.

You don’t complain

This is, without a doubt, one of the clearest signs of emotional growth. Some people spend all day criticizing everything and everyone, because increasing the negativity and pessimism around them is all they can do. Learning not to “nag” makes you more mature. If you take action and focus more on problem solving and less on nagging, you will grow emotionally.


You celebrate the successes of others

Applauding another and being genuinely happy for him when something is going well for him is a sign of maturity. This means that you are not jealous of him, that you understand that he has put a lot of effort into it and that you are able to acknowledge the work of another.

You have fewer problematic relationships

This doesn’t mean that everything should always be ‘cook and egg’, but it does mean that you are not all the time arguing and arguing. You no longer want to have everything all to yourself at all costs. You have learned to put yourself in the shoes of others, to try to come to an agreement before confronting the other. You have learned that arguing is a waste of time and that it is better to find a solution together. You have also realized that sometimes it is better to keep the peace than to be right.

You dare to ask for help

Until recently you thought that asking for help was a sign of weakness and that you should avoid it. However, by now you have learned that in reality it is a sign that you have faith in others. You can’t do everything yourself all the time. So it’s good to be humble and recognize that there are some things you don’t know that you could use some help with.

You know what you want

You are more aware of what you want to achieve in life and even when you want to achieve it. When you are more sure of yourself, you determine the rules of your own destiny and make your expectations for the future a science.

You don’t care what others say

The fear of what other people will say has kept you up at night many times, but now you are in a new phase of life. You are only interested in the opinions of people who want to help you and mean well  or in other words, in constructive criticism from those around you (after all, you have long since distanced yourself from toxic people). 

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