Effort Is More Important Than Luck

Effort is more important than luck

It is known that in order to achieve something that you want with all your heart and soul,  you always have to take the initiative and work hard for it first. Luck can influence our efforts because we are surrounded by the stipulations and consequences of other actions, but effort will always be the most important factor.

With the willpower we add to our intelligence, creativity, or work, we put what we intend to do within reach. It will ensure that we can achieve the projects we most desire. Happiness can always help, but only if we are willing to take advantage of it.

Attitude, effort’s best friend

Thinking that if we work hard we will be successful is just as wrong as thinking that only luck will do the hard work for us. In other words, it is very beneficial for us to immediately accept that we can fail despite having worked harder than anyone else.

To fly

The truth is, we don’t always get the results we deserve. We must also be aware that we cannot get everything we want, even with all the effort in the world. We all have personal and social boundaries; effort is a big part of it, but it’s not everything.

This is mainly why the attitude with which we confront things is an important determinant:  a positive attitude towards what we can achieve will help us recognize our goals and will bring us closer to achieving them.

Today we tend to think that everyone around us gets everything done without effort, just by luck. And that’s why many people resign themselves to what life wants to give them. Conformity comes when you accept that happiness is more important than effort.

As Gandhi saw, our greatest victory is in knowing that we have done our best. The result is important, but so is our personal development.

If we don’t believe in our own effort to achieve our dreams, it leads you to settle for being a person you don’t actually want to be, a person who hasn’t reached their full potential.

To dream

Discipline and education of children: the key to valuing effort

One of the foundations of these views can be found in the way you teach and instill the discipline of hard work in children. These are the main keys to the individual and collective growth of society:  educating a child about the principles of effort will give him or her the necessary tools to improve himself as an adult.

Examples are always the best way to teach. So if we as adults believe in the power of effort over happiness, we will radiate that to our children. Thus, they will learn to confront their problems, to be less erratic and more consistent, and to understand the value of the desire for improvement.

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