Doubt And Uncertainty: The Two Best Friends Of Guilt

Doubt and Uncertainty: Guilt's Two Best Friends

Guilt never comes alone. It can occur for many reasons. Sometimes it plagues us for what we have done. This happens when the result is not what we expected. At other times it haunts us because we didn’t have the courage to do or say anything. This makes us upset. In the second case, guilt appears in our lives in the company of its two best friends: doubt and uncertainty.

That’s when doubt takes over our decisions. Our uncertainty therefore decides that it is better to do nothing. Because what if you lose what you have? And so the guilt sets in. It makes us sad and paralyzes us. We wonder what would have happened instead of what actually happened, namely our inability to move.

Doubt and uncertainty

Doubt, the captain of our army of fears

Doubt is watching us. At very strategic times, it reminds us of times when we did something that went wrong. They are situations where we inadvertently hurt someone or make a fool of ourselves. In short, doubt is responsible for the multiplication of our problems. It will even lead us to question everything we do or have done.

But that’s not all. When the unease grows, doubt raises his army. That is made up of all our fears. Those fears then begin to build up. At that moment, the images of all the bad things that can happen cloud our minds. They stop us from making the decisions we really want.

All we want is a happy and healthy life without suffering. But doubt takes advantage of this and attacks again. Once again we fall into fear and guilt. Uncertainty will then unite with doubt. It traps us when we try to feel better. We know nevertheless that it is part of life.

Uncertainty, the chains that hold us back

At that moment, uncertainty shows its face. It makes us doubt ourselves and our actions. It shackles us because we are afraid of failing again if we try again. When we are insecure, we lose our fulcrum, our self-confidence. We lose our emotional balance and allow a hostile atmosphere to grow within ourselves. Here our self-image will become blurred in a total chaos of fears. It does not reflect what we are but more what we fear to be.

So we nestle in the idea of ​​a bleak future that is not real no matter how we act. In this way, we prove that self-confidence can take us far, but a lack of self-confidence binds us to a persistent negative evaluation of ourselves. It focuses on the things we  could  do.

Guilt, Doubt and Uncertainty

Guilt then appears in your life along with doubt and insecurity. That’s why you need to focus on the present, on what’s real. It will help you beat the guilt. Moreover, it will also turn you into the best version of yourself. Finally you will reach your full potential. For the limitations you place on yourself in your mind will be washed away by reality.

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