Description Of The Characteristics Of The Type B Personality

Did you know that there are many different types of personalities? Find out more about the type B personality and how people with this personality are in this article.
Description of the characteristics of the type B personality

The personality is a set of characteristics that make you different and stand out from other people. These traits can also predict your behavior and attitudes. In this article we focus on the classification of Rosenman and Friedman. We will use that to explain the type B personality.

There are many theories that explain what personality is. Almost all of them focus on the description of different personality types. However, that does not mean that you belong to a specific category. So it is normal for people to possess characteristics of different personality types.

The type B personality

The type B personality is considered the healthiest and most common type. People with this personality type are flexible and docile.

They are also calm, relaxed, empathetic and open to social relationships. These people have a predisposition for emotional well-being. In general, they are aware of their limitations. In addition, they are not hostile.


Persons with a type B personality are relaxed and calm. They don’t get nervous or annoyed easily because they have self-control. Their communication style is assertive. When they express themselves, they do it in a respectful and non-aggressive way.

The type B personality


You will rarely see a type B person rushing. They enjoy what they do and take their time. Their lives are peaceful. If they are behind in something, they will not stress about it.

They feel most comfortable when they can focus on just one idea or activity. Type B people often take time to pause and analyze their achievements.

They often go to bed late. They also like exercise and sports. Because they are good at organizing their time, their days seem to last much longer than other people.


People with a type B personality know how to listen and how to put themselves in other people’s situations. In other words, they apply active listening and empathy. In addition, they like to help other people. They also take action to bring about social change.


People with a type B personality feel satisfied with themselves. They don’t have to compete to feel worth more than other people.

People with this personality type accept life as it is. They let things take their natural course. In addition, they are not very interested in changing others. After all, they are more interested in their own personal well-being.

At work, they combine creativity with effort. They tend to work slower than others. Yet they are recognized for the quality of what they do. Quality for quantity is their motto.


Type B people are warm and friendly. They have an even temperament. People love them because they inspire a calm and relaxing environment. They are also often very much loved, charismatic and kind.


People with this personality type usually have very healthy self-esteem. They believe in themselves and value themselves. Moreover, they also try to be on an equal footing with other people.

Interesting facts about the type B personality

Conditions associated with the type B personality

People with this personality type often have lower levels of stress and anxiety. Type B people see stressful stimuli as opportunities to grow and change. After a crisis, they usually quickly regain their balance. And that’s not all. They are the best at adapting to all conditions.

Interesting Facts About Type B Personality

Are you curious? Would you also like to learn more about other personality types (A, C and D)? If you want to learn more about the disorders and risk factors associated with each personality type, remember the following notes:

  • Perhaps you recognize yourself in one specific type. However, that does not mean that you definitely suffer from the associated conditions. It simply means that you are more prone to these diseases.
  • Do you know someone who suffers from the same condition as you? Then this does not mean that you have the same personality type.
  • This classification of personalities is not universal. So it’s actually normal if you don’t recognize yourself in any type.

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