Creativity: The Voice Of Your Heart

Creativity: the voice of your heart

Creativity shines its light on our inner life, our emotions, and gives our heart a voice. We are – without exception – born with this unique gift. However, things like stress, the grind and tightly structured work schedules can virtually silence our inner, innovative voice.

Not only the people who supposedly well to draw, write or design (eg effective advertising campaigns), be creative. Creativity certainly has everything to do with the ability to come up with alternative solutions  and get along better with your colleagues or family.

Today, creativity is a widespread job requirement and highly coveted quality in the job market. So much so that companies like Google test candidates in their application process that have little to do with information technology. Your response to questions such as ‘How many ways can you use a socket cover?’ or ‘If the director were to give you a million euros, what would be the best thing you could do with it?’ count heavily in the overall assessment.

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Creativity and intelligence

The debate over the correlation between creativity and intelligence is both old and profound. And the answer is simple: we cannot draw any firm conclusions about this. Exceptionally intelligent people generally have great creative potential, but the answers they give are not necessarily extra original or ingenious. At least that is what several scientific studies demonstrate.

The most creative people normally have a very different and unique way of looking at the world, feeling it and thinking about it.

In any case, it remains difficult to measure creativity by just one factor. In reality , our creativity is reflected in all sorts of areas : planning and strategizing, cooking, decorating your home, dancing, playing an instrument, dressing stylishly, interacting with people, loving others…

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The power of emotions

Creative people who work for large companies know all too well that sensory arousal is a powerful means of boosting sales. For example, certain clothing brands use distinctive scents in their stores that their customers recognize immediately. For example, the upholstery of many used cars is impregnated with the typical ‘new car’ aroma, because the marketing team knows that the consumer appreciates this and it increases the likelihood of purchase.

What also comes into play is the emotional nature of our brain: emotions lure you away from your rational side and prompt you to make unanticipated, impulsive decisions, such as making a big purchase out of the blue, or suddenly being inspired.

Walk through the Water

Extraordinarily creative people see and reason things in ways that are worth studying. Consider the following:

Learn how to get more creative

Edward de Bono coined the term  lateral thinking, which differs from the analytic and unilateral in that it leaves more room for different options and alternative routes. It includes unconventional and unpredictable ways of thinking, such as fantasizing, applying metaphors and breaking stereotypes.

Creativity also means finding the right balance, within yourself  and in relation to your emotions and the world around you. You must be able to immerse yourself – unreservedly – ​​in the process of creation while remaining focused on your ultimate goal.

Colours, smells, sensations. Did you know that certain smells and colors please your brain better than others? Green and blue have a calming effect, vanilla and jasmine relax you, while coffee stimulates… Yet a room full of pleasant scents and colors is not a guarantee and not sufficient in itself. You also need natural light and a window to look out through, to focus.

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In conclusion:  creative people are characterized above all by their flexible mindset and open mind. Creativity is an ability that we can all develop and use to feel freer, to connect with the flow of life. 

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