Changing Your Mind Can Change Your Destiny

Sometimes it is very difficult to change our reality. However, it is possible to transform our thoughts to better handle the situation. Learn more about it here!
Changing your mind can change your destiny

You probably hear this very often: “If you want to improve your life, you have to think differently.” It sounds good, no doubt about that. However, is it as easy as it sounds to change your mind? How can you do this then?

The truth is, it’s more complicated than it seems. The brain is not like a room where you can replace some furniture overnight.

Our psychological universe is very resistant. For that reason, it is not easy to make changes to it, nor does it work quickly. “Change your negative thoughts to positive ones” is something many people say, but they don’t always tell you how to do it.

Our mental mechanisms are deep, rigid and not very spontaneous. Changing your thoughts is possible, but it takes hard work to break those thought patterns that you are used to.

On the other hand, there is something to keep in mind. Thoughts by themselves have no power over you. They are nothing more than fleeting mental experiences, they come and go throughout the day.

However, it’s easy to end up emphasizing some thoughts over others and giving importance to ideas that may not be the most helpful. This is how anxiety and depression emerge.

Good thinking is good living. Learning how to do it means getting close to a remarkable change in your immediate reality. Only in this way will you be able to experience well-being.

It is possible to change your mind

Frederic Charles Bartlett, professor of experimental psychology at the University of Cambridge, spoke in 1920 about the schemas of the mind. In addition, he raised something that would be decisive in therapy.

The point here is that it is possible to reconstruct thoughts and memories. Bartlett was part of what was later defined as the ‘cognitive revolution’, a psychological approach that focused on individual mental processes.

Later, decisive techniques such as cognitive restructuring emerged. This refers to a therapeutic process in which negative and irrational thoughts (cognitive biases) must be identified and then confronted.

It is a way of replacing those beliefs that subordinate the individual to suffering with more rational beliefs so that they can develop to their full potential.

Changing your mind can change your destiny

As we indicated at the beginning, this transformation process is not an easy one. Changing your mind isn’t something you can do overnight.

The human mind is stubborn. It is complicated to convince him to interpret certain things in a different way. It’s also hard to see the bright side of things when you’ve gone through life with an emphasis on negativity.

You should also not ignore that emotion and thoughts always go hand in hand, they feed on each other. So it is very difficult to ask the spirit to do things differently when you are stuck in fear, distress or sadness. Can you do something in these cases? Let’s take a look at this.

Thoughts are like water

Thoughts flow wildly through the mind, they are like streams of water flowing at full speed. It’s not always possible to know what’s going on in there.

However, as we said, it is possible to change your mind, but there is a strategy that you must follow to succeed. First of all  , you need to discover which thoughts you need to transform right away.

In other words, you have to hunt down the negative and irrational thoughts that pollute your psychic universe. To do this, it is best to relax, calm the mind, grab a notebook and write down the thoughts that bother you.

The Courtroom: Analyze Your Thoughts

Once you discover those negative thoughts, you need to take them to the “courtroom.” What does this mean? You basically have to have a dialogue with yourself and let those ideas go through a filter. Ask yourself:

  • “is this thought right?”
  • Is this thought helpful in any way?”
  • “If it’s not good for me, why am I stressing it?”
  • “What should I do about it?”
How do the mechanisms in the brain work

Changing your mind can change your destiny

The last step is the most decisive and exciting. This is where you need to increase your dedication and responsibility to yourself. After all, the process of changing your mind requires you to face your true self. Only then can you discover what lies behind the mask you put on for others (and sometimes for yourself).

Being aware of yourself can be difficult. After all, it’s hard to realize how much you may have hindered your own path to grow. However, you are still on time. It is still possible to become a better version of yourself.

The final stage of this task involves reformulating those old and harmful ideas into clearer, optimistic, realistic and useful ideas. Put negativity aside so that hope and good change can come your way. Changing the way you think may not only change you as a person, but everything around you.

Allow yourself to feel free and more confident to make better decisions. That said, don’t hesitate to change your thinking patterns and live the life you deserve.

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